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New Street Fighter V Nude Mods Released For R. Mika and Laura

Street Fighter V nude mods take no breaks, as TerryXX is back with a couple of variations of the delicious R. Mika and sassy Laura.

The erotic Street Fighter V modder TerryXX has been working diligently on providing SF fans with new high-quality erotic mods for Capcom’s latest fighting game. This time, TerryXX has stripped both Rainbow Mika, the hard-working, muscle-worshiping professional wrestler, and Laura, the sassy and spicy Latina always looking for new challenges.

The R. Mika mod strips almost all of her clothes, sans her stylish eye mask, replacing her default texture with a nothing but bare, glistening skin, with the small addition of a pubic hair bush. The mod also comes with support for 15 in-game costume color variations, and TerryXX was even generous enough to include a different mod version without the pubic hair. The R.Mika nude mods can now be downloaded from TerryXX’s Patreon page, but before you do that be sure to check out some sample screenshots:

The second nude mod is for Laura, and has a lot more variations than the mod sported for R. Mika. First of all, there are two versions that affect Laura’s default and story costumes respectively, plus two for her default costume that come with or without an attractive black bush, and lastly, there’s one mod that features smaller nipples. Her nude texture mod also comes with some pierced nipples, for the players that like their women a bit more metal. All the aforementioned mods can be downloaded on TerryXX’s Patreon page, while we’ve got another batch sample screenshots just for you.

TerryXX also has plenty of sexy clothes mods up on his Patreon, so be sure to give them a try as well.

You might be wondering how to install this bountiful mod onto your PC copy of Street Fighter V. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: SFxT Mods forums user hecz has compiled several guides on Street Fighter V modding and put them all in one thread. The section you’re looking for in the first post is “How to use ModManager”, which introduces a very handy and user-friendly tool to install simple texture mods. Be sure to follow the step-by-step guide and in no time at all, you’ll be enjoying a much sexier Street Fighter V.

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