...the fuck?

An enthusiastic modder going by the handle Art-Of-The-Body strikes again, this time with a nude mod featuring Chloe from Life Is Strange.

The rules of the Internet are strict, even if they constantly change. Rule 34 is arguably one of the most powerful rules, as it always comes to pass even if you think there is no chance of applying it to a particular character. Chloe Price, the subject of today’s nude mod, from the 2015 3D episodic story-driven adventure game Life Is Strange is one of those characters that is a shoe-in for the Internet’s sexiest rule. Granted, at this point, there is already plenty of erotic art with her out there, but a nude mod for the game itself is something that’s at least a bit surprising.

Art-Of-The-Body has created this mod by applying a semi-nude texture over Chloe’s vest, adding a ripped shirt for her top and a very short, torn miniskirt that bares her vagina. Even if the mod looks simple, it still took modder quite a bit of effort to make it fit with Chloe’s punk rocker style. The nude mod only works with Episode 1 since, as the modder says, Chloe’s outfit changes in subsequent episodes and would require him to create a whole different set of fitting textures.

The Life Is Strange Chloe mod is available at Art-Of-The-Body’s DeviantArt page . You will need the TexMod modding engine to apply it to your copy of the game. Fortunately, Purple has provided a short guide on how to use it. He also has a Patreon specifically set up to receive support for his nude modding, so check it out if you want to see his other work.

Deciding if this mod takes away from the story or adds to it is up to you. We personally think that as long you have the capabilities to strip someone down to their jollies and make it look attractive at the same time, you’ve got a gift that you should share with the rest of the world.

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