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As a preface, this game has been released prior to this preview; however, we are holding back on any sort of review until all three episodes have been released. We at Lewdgamer feel that it would be the best course of action to evaluate the entire package overall instead of judging it for its individual pieces.

Thanks to the advancement and simplification of development tools, the realm of video game development has expanded to include the imaginations of many who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make a game. With that sort of expansion taking place, it only makes sense that someone would take the tools given to them and make something erotic out of it all. Enter Swegabe and her GabeWork team — creators of the somewhat Egyptian-themed Legend of Queen Opala series — with their latest installment being Legend of Queen Opala: Origins. The game is an episodic turn-based RPG, featuring a great deal of depth in its writing and gameplay; so much so that episode 1 requires six different playthroughs to see all that it has to offer. Completionists will have a field day with this episode, and if the sheer amount of content in this outing is any indication, the upcoming episodes will be just as involved.

Created with RPG Maker (an engine notorious for being resource intensive), the game features turn-based combat with Legend of Zelda inspired graphics and an Enix RPG sort of graphical aesthetic. In a particularly ambitious direction, Legend of Queen Opala: Origins offers the choice of playing the game through three different art styles: Western, Eastern and “Beastman” (their furry variation). This allows for players to enjoy the game with their preferred experience in mind. There is also a rather large assortment of things to do within the game: collecting illustrations, buying property, fighting in arenas, numerous side quests, and a New Game Plus. The battle layout seems a bit like older Dragon Quest titles, with static 2D images of enemies that players will be doing battle with. Battles can be a bit of a headache early on, especially if you’re faced with a quest requiring you to dispatch enemies. There’s a bit of risk involved, but the best way to handle it is to grind and stay stocked on effective HP and SP potions. Outside of the battles, players will also be faced with decision-making that will determine whether or not they go down the heroic or renegade path.  These paths and the choices you make will affect the outcome of the game and your relationships with other characters.

Queen of Opala: Origins covers many different kinks and fetishes. Players will be delighted to find big breasts, tit fucking, huge cocks, blowjobs and even a donkey show. Essentially, if you like faces being blasted with cum and huge breasts that would cause back problems for most mere mortals, this will be your kind of game. The three art styles help expand things by providing a bit more variation to the kink element. Are you a furry with a penchant for creampies and bulging? By all means, feel free to make your character an anthro husky and watch him plow the high priestess. It’s admirable to see that Gabework has put in so much effort to accommodate for many different tastes in adult content.  It goes to show how much an independent developer is willing to go the extra mile to bring the best out of their work. The quality is top-notch no matter which style you choose; the artists involved are definitely skilled at breathing life into the scenarios that play out in the game.

Players are thrown into the shoes of a young, well-endowed, Beldorian crusader tasked with bringing a piece of jewelry to the high priestess Laquadia. Upon return, the crusader is tasked with investigating an unusual attack on a nearby village. After the investigation, the crusader is framed by his commander with the murder of the King of Beldoria. Betrayed and shamed by the people he once pledged unquestionable loyalty to, it is up to him to seek justice, clear his name and perhaps see what the big deal is with the strange piece of jewelry. The story is a compelling one that encourages exploration and actually paying attention to more than the sexiness that the game is full of. Even when going down the “renegade” path, it doesn’t beat you over the head making you feel like a terrible person for doing so. It’s your choice, and you can do as you please. The only reoccurring problem I’ve found in my experience are a few occasional typos in the game. They don’t completely break the experience, but they are odd once noticed.

The size of the environments acts as something of a double-edged sword. While it’s nice that there are large areas to explore, with the promise of items and secrets to find, players will often find themselves backtracking through rather sizable areas. Depending on the player, this will either be a slight hindrance, or it will grind the action a halt. My initial thought is that it would be better if the game had a run button; just to allow players to travel through areas a bit faster and spend less time with dead ends and places they’ve already visited. For players to attain the ability to run, they must find a person in Colossia to get an item that allows them to use it; certainly an awkward way to implement the feature.

Legend of Queen Opala: Origins is pretty interesting for its first episode. As a person who has not played the other Opala titles, Legend of Queen Opala: Origins left a pretty good first impression, and I’m curious as to how the next episode will turn out. The story is fairly deep, and the gameplay is strong and engaging. Gabework team are certainly playing to their strengths, making Origins a strong entry in this exotic series.

The Legend of Queen Opala: Origins is available through the Gabework website for free.

It also appears that we’ve discovered something; perhaps a gift from Queen Swegabe herself?

[What secrets does this picture hold?…]

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