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Seinarukana The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 Is Now Out

The latest game by JAST, Seinarukana The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2, is now out. This title is is the sequel to Xuse’s Aselia the Eternal.

If you’re a fan of Japanese media, then the idea of a JRPG and visual novel rolled into one might be the best thing since sliced bread. If you’ve been tuning in since at least July of 2015, you may recall our coverage of Aselia the Eternal, where we also noted that a sequel to the Seinarukana series was on the way.

Originally slated for a November 2015 release, Seinarukana The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 has only just recently made it to our screens. The game is out as of today and comes in both a digital and hard copy release.

Much like its predecessor, Seinarukana SoES2 combines the genres of the classic JRPG and visual novel. Seinarukana SoES2 also shares the same setting as Aselia the Eternal, though the game remains a standalone experience. The story itself will take players on a journey through the universe, spanning the many realities that work their way through time and space.

seinarukana 2

In one of these worlds, a branch in the infinite cosmos, a boy holds something deep within him that’s trying to break free – the soul of an ancient god. This manifests itself in his daily life, leading to dangerous urges and a looming threat of violence. He is not alone however, as others also carry this burden with them. On the brink of an age old war and with a desperate need to understand what lies within him, the boy begins his journey.

According to the team at Xuse, Seinarukana The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 will treat players to over 50 hours of classic JRPG gameplay. The game will feature a total of six unique endings, as well as three separate difficulty levels to keep you on your toes. The game also boasts a large roster of characters, with almost twenty choices for whom to play as, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities.

Most importantly of all, Seinarukana The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 has quite a lot of CGs. The game comes with over 120 of them, so there’s plenty of material to keep you going during your playthrough. A lot of this will be presented through visual novel style interactions, with the typical functionality you would expect from the genre.

If you want to check out Seinarukana The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 for yourself, you can find more information either through JAST USA’s website or the official English site for the game. The latter of the two provides a little more information on the characters of the game, as well as a quick look at the boxed copy of the game.

Seinarukana The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 will retail for $44.99 and is available through JAST USA’s website, linked just above. Players who want a physical copy of the game will have to go through J-List, which you’ll find for the slightly cheaper price of $44.95. The physical copy comes with a few extras you won’t see on digital either, such as a 24-page manual, a wall poster, and a Steam code to redeem the game on Valve’s service.

Be aware, though, that the Steam version has not been made available just yet, and is due to hit the store in the Fall of 2016. As is to be expected, all the adult content will be removed, but this version will include extras that aren’t on the original Japanese release. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the trailer here:

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  • I played this in Japanese. It’s a neat game. I might play the English version and review it.

    • Link_Xp4444

      Heh… I’ve honestly been waiting for this game for a long, loooong time… If you do review it, then I’ll most certainly look forward to said review. So, with six unique endings does that mean there are six different characters to pursue? Maybe instead there are five romanceable characters and a harem ending? I’m just curious as to who out of the almost twenty characters there are in this game that you can conquer.

      • I think the individual routes correspond to the top 5 heroines listed on this page + Narukana (available only on second playthrough):

        JAST is sending me a review copy so my review will probably happen sometime in the next month. It’s a really long game so it’ll take a while just to get through it.

        • Link_Xp4444

          Well, I’ll look forward to your review then. It’s just… Personally, I love the game but… The main character that you play as in this game is just such a… Well, such a damn mangina! I’m sorry for using that word, but holy hell… Sanahtlig, you seem to play quite a few Japanese games and visual novels, don’t you? Could you please tell me why Japanese forms of media (video games, visual novels, anime, manga, and so on) just seem to be borderline obsessed with the blue-pill beta-male type of male lead character? It’s just so frustrating because I simply cannot understand the appeal of that type of character, yet I see male leads who are exactly like Nozomu everywhere in Japanese games, visual novels, anime series and movies, and so on. Is the weak, constantly apologizing even for things he hasn’t done, sniveling, cringe-inducing, backbone-lacking type of male lead really *that* popular in the Japanese entertainment industry? I mean, if you look you’ll see these types of characters literally everywhere in all the different forms of Japanese entertainment! I just don’t understand why the Japanese entertainment industry is so fixated on characters like that… If you know could you tell me?

          Also, does Nozomu actually grow a personality and backbone later on in the game, or does he remain as your friendly neighborhood doormat for the enjoyment of all the female characters throughout the entirety of the game?

          • It’s a common archetype, but not pervasive. The Venus Blood series has strong, ruthless protagonists. I don’t remember much about Nozomu, but I think he did mature over the course of the story.

          • Marek Golonka

            If you do not like Nozomu personality try Sengoku Rance.
            Nozomu is a donkan type character, there are also different ones visual novel with Vilanous or Pervert like protagonist which were translated (mostly fantranslation).