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New DRAMAtical Murder Figure up for Pre-order

A new DRAMAtical Murder figurine has been made available for pre-order. The highly detailed statue features the protagonist of the series, Seragaki Aoba.

While a lot of our coverage is aimed at our female loving fans, we still have plenty of love for the boys. Whether it’s the feminine ones (which everyone loves) or the manlier types, there’s still plenty to appreciate.

Today we’ve got something for the bishounen crowd; particularly those who like a little bit of spice in their figurine collection. It was announced today that Native would be producing a new collectible, and that they would be procuring a character from BL visual novel DRAMAtical Murder to do so.

Seragaki Aoba, the main character of the series, has now been immortalized in lewd. Sculpted by experienced industry artist Grizzry Panda, this new 1/7th scale model is pretty damn sexy. The figure features Aoba collared and bound to an angelic cross, dressed only in a shiny, revealing latex. The model stands (or kneels) 18.5cm or 7.2 in. tall, and has been created with modularity in mind.

Much like the cute figures you’ll find from Nendoroid, Aoba comes with multiple, swappable faces. These include his default look, a rather sly looking smirk, and a face best reserved for those who like their submissive to be a little afraid. If the suggestiveness of the figure wasn’t enough, Native has held no punches in being as anatomically correct as possible. We’ll let you work that one out for yourselves.

Native’s Sergaki Aoba figure will set you back a cool ¥19,000 (roughly $170). It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s definitely not down on quality either. The figure is only available from Native themselves, and includes an artist’s illustration of the figure. Pre-orders close on June 20th 2016, so check it out if you like kinky boys doing kinky things.

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