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Ever played a game that you expected a lot from, only for it to meet those expectations while simultaneously falling short? For me, such a game came in the guise of Erobotan’s erotic action game Blitz Angel Spica.

If you have any familiarity with Alicesoft’s Beat Angel Escalayer game or hentai anime adaptation, you won’t feel like a stranger in Erobotan’s Blitz Angel Spica. The game follows a regular girl who gains the power to transform into a magical girl with sick martial arts skills, using them to battle evildoers set on conquering the world and bringing it to ruin. Similar to Alicesoft’s BAE, the main heroine of this title is powered by sexual arousal and taking part in sexual acts. Other than that, there’s not much more to Blitz Angel Spica’s story and it would be best to treat the whole game as a huge love letter to Beat Angel Escalayer. The game itself doesn’t seem to strive for anything greater plot-wise, so it’s best to just proceed straight into the juicy bits of this production.

Blitz Angel Spica’s combat system is unequivocally its best feature and made me like the game quite a bit more than I anticipated upon first booting it up. When describing BAS’ combat system, evoking the image of beat ’em ups from the ’90s is highly appropriate. The free-flowing, dynamic combat system is made all the better by the game’s responsive controls. It’s a simple combat system to learn, but it’s hard to master against the game’s slew of challenging baddies.  All the fighting takes place on three separate lanes, accessible by dashing between them, and there is some minor side-scrolling that usually gets you to a stage boss just after dispatching one wave of minion monsters.

Blitz Angel Spica’s stage bosses deserve some extra praise, as all of them are uniquely designed and challenging without being unfair. Every single one has strengths and weaknesses to exploit, and I can promise that you won’t just be standing in place, stringing the same monotonous combo until their HP bar depletes to zero. Since Spica is very easy to unbalance and knock out, exposing yourself to boss counterattacks will land you in a world of hurt and sexual assault, culminating with a swift “game over”. You can trust me when I say that the game will keep your toes almost all the time as you adapt your strategy to boss attack patterns.

In between stages, Spica’s fighting capabilities (stats and new techniques) can be upgraded using Doki Doki Cells, which you acquire from being raped by monsters or by going on Doki Doki Dates with Alice, your robotic helper. The Doki Doki Dates aren’t as innocent as the name suggests, and their sole purpose (outside getting more upgrade points) is to get a couple of more cute yuri scenes at the cost of Peace Points. These are the same type of Peace Points seen in Beat Angel Escalayer and Beat Blades Haruka, which result in an instant “game over” if they hit zero. Be sure not to lose too many lives or use Alice’s services too much, unless you fancy the whole world being engulfed in flames.

The game’s sprites look very basic without much detail to them, but the combat animations and sex animations are done with a good level of fluidity. You don’t feel like you’re watching a two-frame slideshow, as with a lot of other games I’ve played years prior. The quality of single sex CGs you get after losing a life to minion monsters or specific stage bosses ranges from somewhat poor, to what I deem “acceptable” and actually nice to look at. The main problems with the poorer CGs lays with their questionable proportions and the use of shading. The shadows on the characters’ hair look inconsistent with the ones on their bodies and vice versa.

The game is somehow missing a music track entirely, which, in hindsight, would greatly help to boost the overall experience. A few rocking tunes here and there during intense combat could form quite the immersive combination with the game’s great dynamic combat. Fortunately, other sounds are present; even Spica herself grunts adorably whilst fighting and moans accordingly when monsters incite all kinds of punishment on her body.

The missing scene from the 1990s Ghost movie.

Blitz Angel Spica has been made with a lot of heart and thought put into it, and that’s something I really appreciate. While the game is currently a bit rough around the edges (perhaps almost literally) in the presentation department, I expect those things will only be improved with more development time. The way you get to most of the erotic content may also not be to everyone’s liking, as losing and getting very little out of playing the game well is a very tired, overused concept in erotic games from all regions. Considering the source of inspiration for this title though, I honestly can’t fault it too much for going down this road. I also encountered a few visual glitches related to the resolution settings in windowed mode, and, at one point, the game seemed to “forget” to spawn enemies on one of the stages, forcing me to go back to main menu and reload my save. Luckily, I didn’t experience any other technical hiccups after that incident.

I eagerly await the day that Blitz Angel Spica comes out in a more complete form, whereupon I can give it a proper in-depth review. With what I’ve seen so far, I will continue to keep my expectations high and bank on Erobotan further improving on his strengths, patching up the weaknesses of this title with some sexy glue and elbow grease.

Blitz Angel Spica can be now acquired on the English DLsite or by donating to Erobotan’s Patreon.

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