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New Plump Cowboy Sonico Figure Up For Pre-Order

A rather thick Super Sonico figurine is now available for pre-order. The figure is a 1/7 scale model, and features Sonico in a revealing cowgirl outfit.

If you’re a fan of Super Sonico, you may be pleased to hear that her creators are after your hard-earned cash once again. A brand new Sonico figurine is on its way and is available for pre-order now. The figure is due to be released in August of 2016, and has a list price of ¥12,960 ($118).

The model has been designed and created by Eldora Model in conjunction with Q/M.I.C., and features Sonico in a Western-themed outfit. While that may sound bland in writing, her outfit is a little more revealing than your standard cowboy fair. Sonico has been designed wearing chaps and a waistcoat, which both leave her red striped bikini on display. Would a cowboy have worn a bikini, given the chance? Only now do we truly know.

Sonico also comes with her trademark headphones, as well as a comically undersized cowboy hat that teeters at a jaunty angle on her head.

While she’s certainly no Pochaco, this particular version of Sonico seems a little thicker than usual. That likely won’t be a bad thing for most people, but it is something worthy of note. The figure is of 1/7 scale and measures approximately 240 mm (9 inches) from the stand. It’s a pretty decent size that should be easy to hit, even if your aim isn’t perfect.

If you want to check out the figure for yourself, you can find it on AmiAmi’s website . AmiAmi is offering a slightly lower price than list, so you can nab it for ¥10,080 ($92). Their site has all the details should you be interested, so if you need a new addition to your cabinet to go along with your new copy of SoniComi, this may be the one for you.

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