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Eternal Destiny to Come to the West Uncensored After Fan Feedback

After a tremendous amount of fan feedback, Degica, the Western publisher for the card battling game Eternal Destiny, has decided to release the game in censored and uncensored formats.

Before we explore the already-resolved censorship issue, we bet you are wondering what Eternal Destiny is actually about. Here are a short game and story synopsis, along with a few sample screenshots taken from the official Eternal Destiny Steam Store page.

Who will obtain the Infinita Sacrament and take command of the next Millennium? The future is shrouded in dark mystery. You are the newest Agent.

Eternal Destiny is an epic card game inspired by myths, legends, and H.P. Lovecraft, featuring 500+ cards with fluid animation and voice acting!

The future may be “shrouded in dark mystery”, but I’m pretty sure its your destiny to play this game. This crystal ball gets really good reception. (Plus, I’ve got an unlimited plan, so let’s look further.) What else do I see?

You’ll pick sides and choose your favorite faction, because you like to live dangerously. You’ll collect 500+ cards inspired by famous myths, legends, and H.P. Lovecraft (dude knew what’s spooky), all with professional voice acting and eye-catching animation featuring cute, strong, and sexy girls. You’ll find it easy to learn with strategic depth below the surface. You’ll evolve your cards by stacking them and defeat your enemies by combining cards with various skills, abilities, and attributes. (I heard you’re a big fan of attributes!) You’ll keep coming back for the visual-novel storytelling of story mode and to leave your friends crying in online-mode defeat. You’ll explore dungeon mode, level up, and obtain rare cards. You’ll unlock exclusive art as you play…

The censorship story of Eternal Destiny, also known as Infinita Strada, is one with a happy ending for the game’s future consumers. On April 9th, the game’s Western publisher Degica had announced Office 5656’s strategy title will be coming to the West on April 21st. Inquisitive Steam users quickly found out that the game contains some mild sexual material (i.e. cute girls in skimpy clothing and some minor nudity) and decided to ask Degica directly if the title will be coming to the West in an unaltered form.

Degica’s first official response (seen below) has made a lot of the game’s prospective buyers furrow their eyebrows in disbelief as part of the game’s appeal is attributed to the characters’ appearance.

Eternal Destiny Reply 01

Suffice to say that the overwhelming majority of Steam replies to this statement have been negative, with a lot of people criticizing Degica’s censorship decision and opting not to purchase the title when it finally releases.

The story continues with Degica receiving further backlash, but also listening to constructive criticism and deciding to reevaluate their stance on the whole matter. At last, today on April 19th, Degica has issued another official statement and revealed that they plan to add a mode to the game where all character sprites will appear uncensored, exactly the same as in the original Japanese Infinita Strada PlayStation Vita release.

Hello everyone,

We at Degica Games are dedicated to bringing to gamers the experiences that would otherwise not make it to the West. To do this, we evaluate game after game from Japan, doing our best to find the gems that never escaped to the outside world.

One of those gems we uncovered, was Office 5656’s Vita card battler Infinita Strada, which we and Office 5656 are now updating to give everyone, no matter where they live, a new and improved version for PC on Steam as Eternal Destiny.

But we made a slight misstep. We made some changes, and it turns out that we weren’t delivering the experience that our fans wanted. We received a lot of feedback. We took the time to read it all and came up with a plan of action.

And that plan of action is the newly implemented Infinita Card Mode.

Every player now will have the choice between playing with the new altered cards, or, if they wish, go into the menu and switch the Card Type from Eternal to Infinita to get the original versions of every card.


Thank you to all of our fans for providing the feedback we needed to come to this decision. We could not be the company we are today without you. And thank you for your patience with us!

There is really only one question left to ask: What side are you on? Whether you choose Kells, Demons, or Cybers, we’ll be bringing the experience that wouldn’t have made it to the West without us, and this time, this experience wouldn’t have made it to the West without you.

Thank you!

-The Degica Games Team.

Instead of settling for one version of the game over the other, Degica has decided to go the more difficult (albeit very consumer-friendly) route of giving players the choice to pick between a censored or uncensored version of the game. By using common sense and actually listening to what their customers have to say, we are sure Degica has just earned itself a whole bunch of new fans. The wolf be full, the sheep unharmed.

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  • Clone Loli

    Good! We must protect the Lolis from unneeded censorship!

    • Nazzaroth

      especially hugging twin lolis :3

  • scemar

    They actually censored in the west like everyone, but then they listened to the fans who, as usual, didn’t want the censorship at all.
    And they ended leaving the censored version there while giving the fans the option for the uncensored version.

    This is the best way to go all things considered, they’d achieve whatever they’d hope to achieve with the censorship, but without actually depriving fans of the original experience if they want it.

    More companies need to do this approach.

    • blackice85

      Agreed. Ideally we wouldn’t have this problem at all, but this is the best compromise if they insist on having a ‘cleaned up’ version.

      • Enigma

        Reminds me of 90’s anime localization where the broadcast was censored and the early dvds were based on the broadcast version and then the uncut was released later.

        • blackice85

          Oh boy, I bet there was raging to be had. And no doubt some of the publishers were confused as to what the big problem was.

          • Enigma

            Well it was more of a cash grab to get the parents that are holier than thou and release the uncut for the fans but after a few years they stopped making the broadcast version on dvds and just released the uncut one. It was so thrilling seeing DBZ with curse words and blood. I remember the broadcast media was really pure in their beliefs about everything but thanks to manga and the internet something clicked for me in my younger years…I saw Android 18 boob and then I saw golden boy on youtube…

  • This is the first time I’ve seen a developer handle voluntary censorship with an in-game menu option. It’s such an obvious solution that you have to wonder why it hasn’t become widespread. The moral minority won’t have their sensibilities offended, while the rest of us can simply turn off the censorship (and since it’s a menu option, we’ll know it’s there in the first place).

    • Derp Minos

      To be honest I doubt anyone would had been offended by the lolis to begin with. I don’t like big tits, but I don’t refuse to buy a game unless they censor all the big tits in it.

      • RocKM001 .

        That is because you my friend are considered “normal” and not part of the increasing loud “moral outrage” minority who like to be offended at everything and anything and must point out such offensive things “for everyone’s own good”

        I am just waiting for this whole phase to seriously blow away as w/ all other moral outrage of the day (rock, tv, violence, etc.) once they find a new thing to be morally offended by yet again…

        • Derp Minos

          Well there hasn’t been any news of the game anywhere beside in the few niche-friendly sites. Somehow journos seem to not want to talk about this game.

    • It’s such an obvious solution that you have to wonder why it hasn’t
      become widespread. The moral minority won’t have their sensibilities
      offended, while the rest of us can simply turn off the censorship

      That’s because SJWs/feminists are authoritarian bigots. If they personally dislike something, then NO-ONE else can get to have it.

    • RocKM001 .

      ” The moral minority won’t have their sensibilities offended”

      Actually they will… that’s the huge problem even if you try to create a santised version the mere fact that the “morally objectionable” exists is the problem.

      Granted most folks who find the art not their cup of tea but enjoy the game really won’t be offended as such w/ the “uncensored” option but those aren’t the problem here. The problem are the “vocal” part of these moral minorities who will chuck up a stink regardless and the fact folks like these are being given the same “equal” air time in the same way our friendly lawyer Mr Jack Thompson used be treated as a “valid” opposing voice =P

      • I honestly don’t see people whining about a game giving users the option to have offensive art. The type to whine about such things would whine that a game with such content was licensed at all.

        • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

          They will. It’s no different than the massive bitching people did over videogame violence in the 90s when despite the game having a “no blood” option and being rated 17+ parents thew fits that the games where “tainting their children” who weren’t even old enough to buy them. The fact there is an option to disable the questionable (to them) content won’t even register in their tiny brains as they just get offended that it exists period. lol

    • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      Tons of games have an ingame censorship option. It’s extremely common when it comes to blood in normal games but since the adult gaming industry is small a lot of devs in it just don’t spend the time or resources to do it. It’s more common for them to release 2 completely different versions (like one steam version and one adult version with a company like Denpa) or release an “uncensored” patch afterward.

  • Generally its a lot of other legal stuff or platform stuff that causes them to need to censor in the first place so the fact that theirs an original version mode here is kinda interesting.

    • Cats736

      There are no issues unless it’s porn, which it’s not.

  • Ash

    Why West always like to censor things but they claim to be always claiming freedom of speech and expression?

    • Because the West likes to fool people into thinking that the result of censorship is “giving SJWs and feminists a voice”.

    • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      Freedom of speech doesn’t mean what you think it does nor does the West censor things anymore than the East. It’s just different because the consumer base and cultures differ. Go ahead and walk into a porn shop in Japan than try claiming the West has more censorship when as an adult all the videos you buy have the genitals pixelated.

      • RocKM001 .

        A law which was originally brought by the western occupying forces after WWII as pornography is deemed “unhealthy” and not good for social health and all that crap =P

        So… technically West still more censored xD

        • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

          Not really. Censorship in Japan existed before WW2 and since then they have stuck to it and kept it at a much higher level than most of the West. Well except maybe the middle east where some countries just outlaw pornography completely.

          Honestly with the censorship in Japan you can barely even call it pornography since you can’t actually see the parts that make it pornography,

  • RocKM001 .

    You know what… as much as I’m slightly burnt out by mobile style card games like this I’m gonna be grabbing a copy in support of this stance.

    It’s not every day you see an actual dev go and reverse such stuff on a game and actually provide an uncesored version!. Everyone always whines about these unncessary changes and now that a dev is doing it I’m all for voting w/ my wallet here.

    Yes granted the censorship really shouldn’t have happened but you know what if we can convince enough devs the days of those stupid censorship changes are no longer necessary by making our purchases count!

    • blackice85

      Same here, it wasn’t a top item on my wishlist but at the very least I’d like for them to know that their change in stance had a positive effect, and sales speak the loudest.

  • This is similar to the ‘SJW Mode’ option idea that was once being banded around as a suggestion to make everyone happy.

    The SJW/feminist moral high-horse puritans won’t be happy with this of course, because they operate in a way where if they dislike something, then they have to make that NO-ONE else can get to have it.

  • Link_Xp4444

    Ha! Excellent! Now the feminists and social just-us “warriors” are in a bit of a check-mate. If they complain about this game the way it is now, they’ll basically be saying they want this game censored to make everyone else miserable – not because it’s, oh… What’s that feminist excuse again, uh… Oh yeah, “disrespectful” to women. Oh excuse me, “disrespectful” to womyn. Like blackice85 typed, ideally we wouldn’t have this problem at all. Now we shouldn’t see any more complaints – the game comes out in a default-censored state, and you actually have to go into the game options to remove the censorship. I’ll definitely be supporting this game, and I hope the developers make quite a bit of money so that other companies can follow suit and release translated games like this – with a FREE (no paid DLC, damnit!) in-game options to remove the censorship they applied. Well, that will be the best option until we can finally get rid of censorship here in the West.