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After a tremendous amount of fan feedback, Degica, the Western publisher for the card battling game Eternal Destiny, has decided to release the game in censored and uncensored formats.

Before we explore the already-resolved censorship issue, we bet you are wondering what Eternal Destiny is actually about. Here are a short game and story synopsis, along with a few sample screenshots taken from the official Eternal Destiny Steam Store page.

Who will obtain the Infinita Sacrament and take command of the next Millennium? The future is shrouded in dark mystery. You are the newest Agent.

Eternal Destiny is an epic card game inspired by myths, legends, and H.P. Lovecraft, featuring 500+ cards with fluid animation and voice acting!

The future may be “shrouded in dark mystery”, but I’m pretty sure its your destiny to play this game. This crystal ball gets really good reception. (Plus, I’ve got an unlimited plan, so let’s look further.) What else do I see?

You’ll pick sides and choose your favorite faction, because you like to live dangerously. You’ll collect 500+ cards inspired by famous myths, legends, and H.P. Lovecraft (dude knew what’s spooky), all with professional voice acting and eye-catching animation featuring cute, strong, and sexy girls. You’ll find it easy to learn with strategic depth below the surface. You’ll evolve your cards by stacking them and defeat your enemies by combining cards with various skills, abilities, and attributes. (I heard you’re a big fan of attributes!) You’ll keep coming back for the visual-novel storytelling of story mode and to leave your friends crying in online-mode defeat. You’ll explore dungeon mode, level up, and obtain rare cards. You’ll unlock exclusive art as you play…

The censorship story of Eternal Destiny, also known as Infinita Strada, is one with a happy ending for the game’s future consumers. On April 9th, the game’s Western publisher Degica had announced Office 5656’s strategy title will be coming to the West on April 21st. Inquisitive Steam users quickly found out that the game contains some mild sexual material (i.e. cute girls in skimpy clothing and some minor nudity) and decided to ask Degica directly if the title will be coming to the West in an unaltered form.

Degica’s first official response (seen below) has made a lot of the game’s prospective buyers furrow their eyebrows in disbelief as part of the game’s appeal is attributed to the characters’ appearance.

Suffice to say that the overwhelming majority of Steam replies to this statement have been negative, with a lot of people criticizing Degica’s censorship decision and opting not to purchase the title when it finally releases.

The story continues with Degica receiving further backlash, but also listening to constructive criticism and deciding to reevaluate their stance on the whole matter. At last, today on April 19th, Degica has issued another official statement and revealed that they plan to add a mode to the game where all character sprites will appear uncensored, exactly the same as in the original Japanese Infinita Strada PlayStation Vita release.

Hello everyone,

We at Degica Games are dedicated to bringing to gamers the experiences that would otherwise not make it to the West. To do this, we evaluate game after game from Japan, doing our best to find the gems that never escaped to the outside world.

One of those gems we uncovered, was Office 5656’s Vita card battler Infinita Strada, which we and Office 5656 are now updating to give everyone, no matter where they live, a new and improved version for PC on Steam as Eternal Destiny.

But we made a slight misstep. We made some changes, and it turns out that we weren’t delivering the experience that our fans wanted. We received a lot of feedback. We took the time to read it all and came up with a plan of action.

And that plan of action is the newly implemented Infinita Card Mode.

Every player now will have the choice between playing with the new altered cards, or, if they wish, go into the menu and switch the Card Type from Eternal to Infinita to get the original versions of every card.


Thank you to all of our fans for providing the feedback we needed to come to this decision. We could not be the company we are today without you. And thank you for your patience with us!

There is really only one question left to ask: What side are you on? Whether you choose Kells, Demons, or Cybers, we’ll be bringing the experience that wouldn’t have made it to the West without us, and this time, this experience wouldn’t have made it to the West without you.

Thank you!

-The Degica Games Team.

Instead of settling for one version of the game over the other, Degica has decided to go the more difficult (albeit very consumer-friendly) route of giving players the choice to pick between a censored or uncensored version of the game. By using common sense and actually listening to what their customers have to say, we are sure Degica has just earned itself a whole bunch of new fans. The wolf be full, the sheep unharmed.

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