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Two-man developer team Pervy Fantasy Productions makes fantasy RPG-Maker hentai games that are released free of charge.

Pervy Fantasy Productions is an indie studio comprised of two members – Deva and Aggra. The studio develops using RPG Maker to create fantasy hentai games with an affinity for corruption and mind control. They work purely on donations, never charging for their games and plan to remain that way. The team is currently working on three projects, The Last Demonhunter and The Order of Light, with Dark Recruitment sitting on the back burner.

The Last Demonhunter is a dark fantasy RPG game that focuses on a young demon hunter on a quest to find their missing sister, but encounters a sinister twist along the way. The game features corruption, mind control, transformation, futanari and a plethora of other fetishes.

The Order of Lightthe other primary product Pervy Fantasy Productions is developing is a high fantasy game that is centered around Niltaru and her companion Hilde as they are sent in pursuit of the evil with Sintra. In order to stop the evil Sintra from taking over the world, the girls will have to overcome man, beast, and even demons to save the day. The Order of Light features similar fetishes as The Last Demonhunter with a greater emphasis on mind control and a lesser focus on monster girls and futanari than Demonhunter.

The third game the duo is working on is called Dark Recruitment. This game is made using HTML for a browser-based product. It will be text-based as opposed to its more visual counterparts. The game will feature a plot surrounding the invasion of a peaceful town by the forces of an Evil Queen. In spite of the simplicity of the premise, the game will have no want for fetishes and includes more of the characteristic mind control and transformation content the studio specializes in.

These games are all currently in development, but once they are released will be given free of charge. Pervy Fantasy Productions plans to operate solely on Patreon donations for the foreseeable future and maintain a blog to keep fans informed on progress.

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