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Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning Now Available on Steam Uncensored

Liar-soft’s visual novel Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning is now available on Steam.

Mangagamer has released Liar-soft’s steampunk visual novel Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning on Steam. Like Liar-soft’s other title, Kindred Spirits on the Roof, Gahkthun has made it onto Steam completely uncensored, with absolutely no content cut; the only difference is a few minor cosmetic changes to differentiate the two releases. The Steam edition will also feature new artwork not found in the game for its trading cards.

Fortunately, for those of you who have previously purchased the game off Mangagamer’s site, you will be receiving a free complimentary sSteam key to the game. Due to fraud issues that were plaguing the publisher a couple months back, all current and future purchases of the game on their website will not come with a Steam key. For your reading pleasure, you will find a synopsis, sample CGs, and information on where to purchase the game below.

The year is 1908. The 20th century is still young.
An unfamiliar 20th century – in an unfamiliar world.
This is a world that experienced a 19th century very different from our own. A world filled with innumerable steam-powered “Engines.”
The unnaturally rapid development of this steam civilization has left the world’s skies shrouded in grey… and its seas dyed black.

“Sea” – Once, the word suggested an expanse of blue. Today, it refers to something dark and putrid.
The former harbor city of Marseille in the European Kingdom of France looks out on a sea as black as any other. But these particular waters are home to something that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth…
A massive artificial island, solid and imposing as a fortress. A city in its own right, but also a school; a place bursting with life and color.
Its formal name: The Marseille Offshore Academia.

In the spring of 1908… A single young man appears within its walls.
After declaring his intent to wage war against its powerful Governing Council, he introduces himself in this way:
“Nikola Tesla. 72 years old. I’m a transfer student.”
“Students of the Marseille Offshore Academia. My hundred thousand young friends, cursed by fate.”
“…I will save every last one of you with my own two hands.”

And at the summit of Château d’If, a bell rings out.
The Bell of Gahkthun, announcing that the time of rejoicing is at hand…

You can purchase Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning on Steam here for a discounted price of $33.99 until April 22nd. Afterwards, it will revert back to its normal pricing of $39.99. You can also pick up the DRM-free version of the game, which is currently enjoying the same sale, over at MangaGamer’s website. As stated previously, both editions contain the same content.

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  • KissDisqus

    I didn’t know steam was okay with this content. Guess it’s no problem as long as genitalia and bodily fluids aren’t shown.

    There’s a tag kind of like that where they obscure the sexual act and genitalia or the drawing is ambiguous enough to be seen as sexual or non-sexual.

    At least I think that’s what it is.


    • Sigfried Silverblade

      Could that be why the games were able to hit the Steam store uncensored?
      Makes sense, and yet, I am amazed there has been no backlash yet.

      • KissDisqus

        Backlash for what? The only people who know about this game are the same dweebs who’ve read other VNs or eroge. Only niche as fuck websites that are populated by the same dweebs are reporting about it. The content in it is tame with no out of the ordinary fetishes to offend sensitive readers either. There’s like one rapey scene and that’s it.

      • Nin

        It’s not wide spread enough yet. I’d only expect backlash if Sekai Project starts doing it.

        Or if they manage to stick in a Rance game by only keeping in the original mosaic.

        Anyways, Liarsoft games tend to obscure genitalia, which is why they’ve gotten through (and why the ESRB only rated Gahkthun M). It can be kind of arbitrary, but the ESRB is a lot more lax than what the current social climate seems to dictate a game should be rated. That may not always be the case though.

  • Narmy

    I hope that they keep testing the waters with increasingly lewd games, so that Steam eventually just allows explicit porn games.

    • Testy

      I really don’t expect an 18+ section in Steam, but with how hands off Valve seems to behave recently, maybe someday they just be too lazy to check for age content.

  • scemar

    Wow some of those scenes do look pretty damn lewd.
    This definitely has to be pushing the limit for Steam, can’t recall ever seeing fully nude girl on guy action. Still no actual genitals in sight but there’s fully nude breasts, groping, and sex seems to be implied too.

    • KissDisqus

      “fully nude breasts, groping”
      GTA V

      “and sex seems to be implied too.”
      Far Cry 3 shows you copulating.

      I’m sure there are a couple of other high profile games up on steam that have such content.

      • Testy

        Don’t forget the Witcher series as well.

      • scemar

        Oh, my bad.
        It’s still very notable for an anime-ish game to get away with it though?
        AAA titles can sort of get away with more stuff more easily.

    • Kelborne

      They’re fine with it so long as it’s not outright pornographic. Plenty of games on Steam have sex scenes and exposed breasts.

  • Clone Loli

    So I’ll ask the biggest question here.

    Any Lolis?
    Probably not considering it’s on Steam but then again NekoPara is on Steam… but that’s not 18+ on Steam…
    In case You don’t know what character I am referring to in NekoPara it’s Azuki, many consider Her to be a loli in size.

  • Xhion Jloa (Xhion24)

    When see a D cup and think, “this game is perfect”.

  • Anon

    I’ll wait for steam sale or does manga gamers gives sales.