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LewdLook: Yandere Simulator: Making Your Psycho Waifu Fantasies Come True

Described by its creator as a cross between Bully and Hitman, this game was pitched on a high-traffic imageboard, and received a high amount of interest that lead to its development. This game is being created solely by (fittingly enough) YandereDev, who has also given his name as Alex in interviews.

At this stage in development, Yandere Simulator (working title) is a video game about a yandere schoolgirl who stalks her crush and eliminates other girls who might dare to show interest in him. Like a Hitman game, the player is put into a level and given a target to eliminate; they may choose to stealth kill their target, set up a trap, or simply kill everyone in their path. Also like Hitman, if Yandere-chan does not clean up after herself she may be found out as a killer—and who could love a murderer? Game over!

Yandere-chan stealthly stalks and kills anyone who would dare to be interested in her lover!

Luckily, it appears that there will be less overt ways to achieve Yandere-chan’s goals, such as social sabotage, framing, expulsion from school, or even convincing other characters to bully your target until they stop being a problem for you. The player will have a Reputation Meter, which will decrease if you are caught in the act; a Sanity Level, which decreases when you perform acts of violence and provides unique killing animations based on your level of sanity; Yandere Vision, which works like the Eagle Vision from the Assassin’s Creed games; and Panty Shots, which are exactly what they sound like and are also used for a kind of “currency” system in-game.

The game will have violence, obviously, but there are currently no plans for H-scenes or torture. YandereDev is also currently only planning on having a single environment for the game’s levels (a school, of course). Weapons will be limited to what you might expect to find in such an environment, though Japanese schools tend to have a lot of clubs, so there should be a good variety available.

People interested in following the game’s development can follow along at The Yandere Game Development Blog. All the screenshots in this article are taken directly by the author from the February 17th build of the game.

Covered in the blood of her victims? That’s my fetish!

The game’s release price has not been established yet, but YandereDev believes it will be between $5 and $20 USD depending on the amount of work and support that goes into the final product. He also has plans to crowdfund the project using Kickstarter sometime in the near future, and has a Patreon set up already. Show him your support if you’re interested!

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