Putting the D in the double D.

Source Filmmaker producers Studio FOW have released a new short 3D porn animation featuring some the Dead or Alive ladies engaging in some well-choreographed bestiality.

Studio FOW’s seven-minute-long Beastly Bacchanalia video has finally been released, and this time around, it was made to please those that just can’t get off to normal human sex. With a bit more plot and humor than other FOW shorts, Beastly Bacchanalia doesn’t waste much time in getting to the nitty and gritty. Two of Dead or Alive’s lovelies, Kasumi and Momiji, prepare themselves to willingly take a bunch of demonic dog knots in a public sex show for the residents of the underworld.

Not sure if you’re into 3D animated bestiality? Don’t worry, the Studio FOW guys have managed to squeeze in a few yuri scenes here and there. Be sure to take a look at some sample screenshots before eventually succumbing to the depravity of it all.

If you wish to find out who is responsible for putting this baby together, look no further than Studio FOW’s Tumblr page. You might just become a fan.

For those that don’t want to wait any longer to see some dog-on-girl action, we’ve made the video available to watch on this very page.

For quality porn collectors, there’s also this HQ download link . It may also bear mentioning that Studio FOW has a Patreon for any who would like to support their work in creating more porn parodies. We’re looking forward to what kind of fetish the talented producers at Studio FOW will cook up next.

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