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The release of Episode 1: First Command of Starship Inanna, a science-fiction 3D adult Visual Novel by MadDoc47, has been completed and is now available to the public.

Previously, we reported on Starship Inanna when it was as-yet incomplete. Today, we’re happy to announce that the first episode has been released and is free to download from MadDoc47’s website.

Starship Inanna is set in a futuristic universe, one which feels reminiscent of EA’s Mass Effect. You will take on the role of one Commander Cargen of the Titan Empire, and you’ve just been assigned as the ship’s number two. The ship you’ll be working on is host to a number of races and genders, each of whom you’ll be able to form bonds with both physically and mentally. Currently you’re only given the choice to play as a male yourself, but the inclusion of a female player character is due out in the next update. Players can also make some selections regarding their past, as well as create their own name.

As the ship’s commander, you will be working directly for the captain, Alexandra Zal. You will be sent on missions across a number of planets and points in space, fulfilling your objectives and discovering new frontiers. You’re likely to run across a variety of local fauna, both hostile and friendly, so you definitely want to put your training to good use. At present, players are able to enjoy the first chapter in their story, which sees you introduced to the crew and begin to forge your path through the galaxy – and the crew’s many holes.

Sex will play a large part in Starship Inanna, with the large crew giving you plenty of choice on who you’d like to bed. There are multiple races too, so those of you into interspecies romance will likely find something appealing here. There are humans, cat girls, weird blue aliens and more – the choice is all yours. You aren’t just limited on species either; you’ll also have the choice to engage with members of the same sex, spreading your gayness across the galaxy.

Now that the first chapter has been completed and released, you can play it for free on Windows, Mac OS, and even GNU/Linux. This game wouldn’t have been possible however, without the help of MadDoc47’s supporters on Patreon. If you like the game and want to see more, make sure to donate and support the developers.

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