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Stardew Valley Gains Support for Plumper Mods

Growing a chub a day at a time

Independent RPG and simulator Stardew Valley has received a set of mods that add some literal meat to the resident dames.

For Stardew Valley, a game that involves feeding and spoiling plants to reap the bountiful rewards, a couple of weirdos thought, “Man, those plants have it made, my girlfriend/wife should get on it too!” Dissatisfied with lewd and nude portrait mods for the female cast , one brainstorm thread on bbwchan and a thriving modding community later, that’s exactly what they’re doing: making a mod where your waifu gets fat.

The best mod that shows this proof-of-concept is Stardew Fatty, a sprite replacement mod for Abigail that also comes with dialog replacements which makes her appetite skyrocket. Although Abigail is already the loosest with her diet and favors the fattier food items officially in-game, this mod is designed to move it up to dirty talk about stuffing herself. Unfortunately, the game is still being constantly updated by the developer since its February release, so there has already been one case where the mod was broken before being fixed. If you want to try the mod, backup your old installation executable and save data, just in case something goes wrong with a future patch. If you don’t like Abigail’s size in that mod (or want to make a progressive weight gain for her yourself), there are more sprite sheets and portraits to match that have five different sizes, with a bra and nude sprite at her fattest.

Abigail’s not alone in this effort, as there are similar mods being worked on for Penny and Haley. In addition, if there’s any chance of a mod to give back the feature for half-body portraits, you can bet there will be splinter mods to admire the gains as well.

It may take a while for development on Stardew Valley to slow down to more stable releases and receive more in-depth mods (perhaps a full conversion), but if you want to try your own or help in the modding effort, the current mod tools are freely available on the Steam forums.

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