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Nutaku Launches New Action RPG Flower Knight Girl

Nutaku has just launched their latest game, Flower Knight Girl. The free-to-play action RPG combines these elements with steamy 18+ action.

Nutaku has certainly been on a roll lately, releasing a number of new games within the past month. They also made a big announcement at the end of March, which will see a new store open up for adult developers.

While a lot of time and effort has likely been going into that, the team has still found some room to release another game – Flower Knight Girl. While you’d be forgiven for assuming this is another card game, this time Nutaku have opted for a different approach.

Flower Knight Girl takes place in the world of Spring Garden, a universe where plants reign supreme; however, the rather dramatic-sounding Harbinger of Doom seeks to destroy nature’s balance, raising an army of pests to accomplish this. Once harmonious, these bugs are now causing havoc, and it’s up to you to stop them. Players are put in charge of the Flower Knight Order, a team of champions that have the power to stop the madness.

nutaku flower knight girl 3

Your army of Flower Knights is comprised of literal flowers, taking the form of female humanoids. Much the same as in other Nutaku titles, players will collect new party members, upgrading them over time to create a formidable force. You’ll do most of this from the main menu screen, from where you’ll also set forth on the game’s campaigns.

The fighting itself takes place on a game board of sorts, with players advancing across different nodes to reach the finish. Each node will present you with some form of collectible, be it coins or otherwise, whilst some will hold enemies laying in wait. While the battles are turn-based, they do happen automatically, so it can all be over quite quickly.

Flower Knight Girl also makes use of other players, giving you the opportunity to take part in co-op play. You can band together with fellow players to maximize your rewards, incorporating other teams to have your back on the battlefield. As always, the staple Nutaku Gacha system is present, as are other in-game items, so players can invest themselves into the game should they choose.

nutaku flower knight girl 2

Of course, the game wouldn’t be complete without a naughtier element present. Players will be able to manage the affection levels of their Flower Knights, building up their love for you by way of gifts and things they enjoy. Doing so will boost their stats, but it also has the added bonus of turning them onto you. Build their affection levels high enough, and you’ll unlock a number of adult scenes, which should really boost morale.

If you want to check out Flower Knight Girl for yourself, you can find it on Nutaku’s site. Flower Knight Girl is free to play, though there are in-game purchases available. These are made with Nutaku’s own currency, Nutaku Gold, which will allow you to make a bigger dent in your enemies. The game will run in-browser, so you don’t need too much to get it going. With spring in full swing, there’s no better time than ever to hone your gardening skills.

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  • Clone Loli

    Any lolis!?

  • Anon

    Should be noted that this is the first Nutaku localization to stray away from edits, thankfully.

    • Sigfried Silverblade

      So, is there loli?

      • Anon

        All girls are over 18+ etc.


    • KissDisqus

      A reminder of the bizarre edits

      • Anon

        They’re working on reverting all the edits now. Seems they finally got the message.

      • Testy

        Looked like they had wanted to remove the loli-ness of the characters.

    • KissDisqus

      Checking the forums again looks like there are still a couple of edits going on

      • razisgosu

        Those were reverted in the live version.

        • KissDisqus

          That’s good to know but still worrying that there were edits in the beta. All the H scenes remain untouched?

  • Eric Thomas

    I’ve been playing this on Nutaku’s website for about three days now, finally got three character’s affinity maxed out, AND NOTHING HAPPENED!!! NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENED!! The tutorial worked fine, but not when I did it and should have happened. The game itself is actually fun, or is to me, but this is a fucking rip. And there doesn’t seem to be any way to replay them, even the tutorial one.

    • Eric Thomas


      Okay, this is extremely weird, but this is exactly it: Nutaku.COM seems to be the clean version, and nutaku.NET is the X-Rated one. Don’t know if that’s the same for other games, but it is for this one.

      • Top Floor

        Just so you know, (because this could be confusing when you first go there) is their clean site. All games on the .com site are clean versions or clean games. is their adult site. Games on the .net site are the adult versions with H scenes and all that.

        So yeah, if you see a game on both sites, the one on .com with be clean and the one on .net will be adult.

        Edit: whoops, didn’t mean for those to become links…oh well.

  • Kiwi69

    If you boost affection to MAX on the clean version, is there a way to get the cut scene on the X rated one?