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Bloody Chronicles Adult Edition Announced

Igrasil Studio has announced that their upcoming first visual novel title, Bloody Chronicles, will be getting an adult release.

In a Twitter post, as well as a backers only update on their Kickstarter, Igrasil Studio has announced plans to release an adult edition of their visual novel, Bloody Chronicles through their partnership with MangaGamer. I got in touch with one of the members of the team via Twitter with some questions regarding details on the adult release, and they were more than happy to oblige.

Bloody Chronicles will be originally released as an all ages title. No content has been cut from the original version in Bloody Chronicles Adult Edition. Bloody Chronicles Adult Edition will offering something akin to an expansion pack, containing bonus erotic scenarios and adding blood to certain scenes of violence. The only changes in Bloody Chronicles Adult Edition makes to the main scenario involve the visual depiction of some violent scenes (the text remains identical) and the addition of some partial nudity. The erotic scenarios are not presented as part of the main game but in “If Mode” as a bonus accessed from the main menu. In “If Mode” you can choose to: 3 Heroines- Aki, Kaoru and Suzumi. Story Line for “If Mode” should takes about 3 hours of game play with 6 CG’s for each heroine. Our “If mode” is very similar to Eden PLUS+MOSAIC.

These sexual “if scenarios” will only be unlocked if you get close to your chosen character. In addition to being able to romance Aki, Kaoru, and Suzumi, Bloody Chronicles will also feature a BxB route with the character Akito. There will be two ways to gain access to the adult edition. You will be able to purchase a patch, much like with Sekai Project’s Nekopara 2, that will unlock the adult content on the Steam game, or you can purchase the full adult edition from MangaGamer. The adult patch will be offered free to anyone who pledges at the $15-$19 tier and higher on their Kickstarter.

When asked if these additional scenarios will contain voice acting if their VA stretch goals are hit, I was told that they will aim to have it voiced as well. Although, they may have to switch to different VAs for the adult edition, depending on the original VAs willingness to voice adult scenes. They also are aiming to release the game uncensored, although they are still working out the details on this due to them being a mainly Japanese-based studio. For your reading pleasure, we have included a synopsis, some sample screenshots, and more information on the game below.

Bloody Chronicles Visual Novel is the debut project of the internationally-based Igrasil Visual Studio.

The plot focuses on the character of Kazuki who lost his parents in an accident. After graduating from the police academy he was recruited by the non-governmental organization Igrasil which solves murders the police deem are impossible to explain due to lack of evidence.
Kazuki’s partners in the organization include the crazy and funny Ishikawa siblings; Kaoru Moriyama, the daughter of a millionaire and the founder of the whole organization; and Suzumi, the head of the organization who is responsible for making all the major decisions.

The whole series will consist of 3 parts. The first part is titled Act 1 – New Cycle of Death. The length of the entire series will be about 40 hours of gameplay, in which the player will be able to make different decisions which will affect the ending. Like in most visual novels, the player will be able to establish close relationships with the series’ characters and get to know their personal stories

The game currently has a Kickstarter going for the entirety of the game series, which will span three volumes. Their goal is $30,000, and as of this article, they have obtained $21,341 of that goal with ten days remaining. Their stretch goals include a tantalizing beach trip mini episode, English voice acting, hot springs mini episode, and Japanese voice acting. For those of you interested in the game, check out their Kickstarter page for more information on the characters, game, story, artwork, and a downloadable demo as well as some gameplay trailers.

For more information on the game, you can find it on their website. You can also keep up on new developments on the game’s Twitter account.

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  • I have mixed feelings on this, I remember this campaign when it was still in the Prefundia stages. Back then the team was very clear that they had no intention of including any fan service elements, so I wouldn’t expect much from any added ero scenes.

    • Bloody Chronicles

      That correct, but after we launch KickStarter we received many mail/messages about Adult Version of our game. We started to listen to what users have to say and we added some changes like – Beach Episode and Adult Edition.
      Adult Edition is patch that give you additionality 12 hrs of gameplay ( 4 Route for 3 hrs one)

      • So the added content isn’t shoved in and won’t feel forced then?

  • Bloody Chronicles

    Thank you Rillania