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Nidalee – Queen of the Jungle

Jungle Domination From Studio FOW

As any regular reader of our site should know by now, we here at LewdGamer have covered many releases from Studio FOW.

Today we bring you a new release that is sure to get more than a few League of Legends fans in a tizzy. This time around Nidalee the Huntress gets the FOW treatment, though, in this case Nidalee is the dominant one.

As if she would have it any other way.

In this Flash game you begin as an unseen member of a logging expedition venturing into the Kumungu Jungle. This ill-advised resource collection venture comes to a bad end as the creatures of the forest fall upon you, led by the fierce Nidalee. As you attempt to flee the carnage you are swiftly incapacitated and rendered unconscious. You awaken later only to be confronted by the mighty huntress and are promptly chastised for both, your defiling of her sacred grove as well as your cowardice.

Since you are the only remaining member of your party, and since Nidalee has other urges to satisfy she decides to make an example of you, and she does quite a job of it as well.

The action proceeds in a typical fashion for a flash game of  this type, switching from one position to the next with differing camera angles and selectable speeds via the side menu. While fairly standard fair in this regard it is very well done, as I have come to expect from Studio FOW.

Studio FOW have also included a hidden bonus scene featuring Rengar, taking the dominant position that can be accessed via a hidden button in one of the scenes. I won’t give away where it is located as that would be no fun, but will say you can find the answer in the comments if you do not wish to find it on your own.

The link to the game can be found on Studio FOW’s tumblr, so head on over and experience a bit of jungle domination.

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