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[UPDATE] SFM Artist Secazz Releases New Short, Features Lulu from FFX

Source Filmmaker artist and animator Secazz, known for his AAA quality when it comes to clips featuring hardcore content such as rape, has just released a new short featuring Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

[UPDATE] We have previously credited Pestilence for creating the video. We have since fixed the mistake and credited the real author Secazz. We apologize for the confusion. [/UPDATE]

The new short video, titled A Man Has His Needs, features Lulu being drugged into a stupor and then subjected to a night of forced fucking while passed out.

Check out the details straight from Secazz’s Tumblr, as well as some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

A man has his needs- especially on this Yevon forsaken island. One of the main perks of being a crusader especially as a medic is scoring easy ass and tits from naive girls and when things don’t go my way I have other methods to fulfill my desire. Hard to believe I was excited to be reassigned here from what the boys back in Luca told me. Geez from fucking cute Luca girls every night to balls as blue like the Besaid Shores.

Only one woman on this island has managed to make my dick hard on sight. Perfect dick sucking lips, supple tits the size of blitzballs and an ass so big it can easily break a mans fall. Soon enough I am going to ravage that ample body of hers now that I found the rest of the ingredients I needed for a powerful sleeping agent. All I need to do is slip it into her drink at tonight’s festival party then come to the rescue. Once I trick these fools into thinking she developed an acute fever I will have them strip her down and leave her in isolation for me to fully plunder.

Even after the festival ends, the party in this tent will last all night long.

You can watch the video on Secazz’s Tumblr here, or you could save yourself a couple of clicks and watch it right here:

Secazz also has a Patreon here, if you’re at all interested in supporting more SFM porn parodies.

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