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Taimanin Asagi 3 Translation Patch Released

Rattan Man Translations has released a full translation patch for Lilith’s Taimanin Asagi 3.

Rattan Man Translations has released a full translation patch of the third installment of Lilith’s hugely popular Taimanin Asagi series, which has spawned several other Taimanin games and side stories. For your reading pleasure, below is a synopsis of the game taken from the DLSite page, sample CGs, and information on where to find the patch and game.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Lilith!
6 years from the volume 2… Finally, the full-blown volume 3 of the popular Taimanin series is available in tip-top form!
The fierce battle between never-say-die taimanins and Edwin Black the immortal king! This near-future kunoichi sexual training adventure is recommended for both to the fans of the series and to the first-timers!

*Noble and beautiful taimanin females are trapped and pushed to miserable and hellish pleasure!
Ryona, gangbang, body modification, punishment in public on the “new” underground ring, hypnosis… shameful situations sum up to more than 110!
And the story is told with over 500 CGs and 1800 copious images including variations!

*The evil conspiracy to trap Asagi, the strongest fighter of the taimanin!
Edwin Black plots against Asagi to push her into despair.
Sakura and Murasaki are treated like livestock then sent to an underground auction after seeing their body modified… The ones to be protected are all dispatched, and Asagi herself became hypnotized and enslaved; Edwin forced her to be impregnated by creatures she despises on the ring of a fighting arena to exhibit her disgraced state in public…! An awful death in the hell or a maddening life soaked deep in shame? The doom of Asagi is sealed… !?

The download for Rattan Man Translations’ patch can be found here. You can purchase a digital edition of Taimanin Asagi 3 from DLSite here for 7,344¥ (approx. $67.81 USD). If you’re a fan of Lilith’s other titles, or dark titles with busty, mature women participating in, and being subjected to a wide variety of fetishes, then you should give the game a try.

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  • KissDisqus
    Caters to so many fetishes~

    Can’t wait for taimanin zero to drop in this year!

  • Cloud Lockhart

    that awesome translate.

  • Rizo

    Need to complete the first two before getting the 3rd one I guess. At least it gives me a reason to start them now.

  • Legendary DVDA

    Glory. Good to see translations back after the last groups got punked

  • Xhion Jloa (Xhion24)

    I only want to say this: Pls in the name of the god of hentai, dont left to ZIZ make another taimanin fail adaptation