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Sasaki Saeko Bikini Figure Goes on Pre-Order

The limited edition 1/6 scale castoffable Sasaki Saeko figure by Daiki Kyougo goes up for pre-order on April 11th.

Figure manufacturer Daiki Kougyo is back in the spotlight, after their announcement of the release of a 1/6th scale, 24cm (about 9.5in.) figure of the character Sasaki Saeko. This figure is scheduled to release at some point this August, but the specific date has not been announced. The pre-orders for this figure will begin today, April 11th, so you can order now. Sasaki Saeko is an original character from the H-manga Ikenai Bikini no Onee-san, by the doujin circle Othello Ice. Sasaki is an incredibly well-endowed girl who likes to taste the sweet nectar of young boys. This figure is a limited edition release by producer Shunzo and will be priced at 13500¥ (approx. $125 USD) and comes pre-assembled and painted for maximum ease of presentation.

This high quality, fully-painted PVC figure features Sasaki’s massive breasts covered by only a tiny blue bikini, as well as her impressive hips clad in a similarly tiny bikini bottom. If this itty bitty bikini is still too much, the top and bottom are both completely removable, letting you see Sasaki’s large, perky nipples and pussy in full glory. The official images are unfortunately censored, but not even bars of light can completely shroud these nipples.

While the listed price is 13500¥ ($125.02 USD), Hobby Search has it listed for 11475¥ ($104.88 USD), and it can be further discounted with their rewards system. Hobby Search also offers a wide variety of figures and other merchandise by Daiki Kyougo and countless other manufacturers.

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