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HotRelease: Night of the Succubus

A young lady steals into your home in the middle of the night. Aroused from your slumber, you find yourself in the clutches of a lusty little succubus who has apparently chosen you to be her midnight snack. What follows is a steamy altercation, as predator and prey have their way with each other.

Caryo, the doujin circle responsible for such titles as Treasure Hunter Akari and D.S.E.: Deep Sea Existence has released Night of the Succubus on DLsite: a short and sweet animation with branching paths and limited interaction, including a “cum drench mode” which allows you to ejaculate on command.

Full voice & full animation about one night with a demon seductress.

Physically slight and oppressively arrogant succubus milks your life force this way and that. Climax again and again in “cum drench mode” with variable art and dialogue.

The spunky little demon works you over with smug tenacity, coaxing load after load from your throbbing manhood. Positions of dominance and submission are shared and swapped between you and the little devil. How the night plays out is based on your choices and desires; the girl may want to consume your soul, but she’s still considerate to your needs.

Blowjobs, stomach deformation, handjobs and pure vanilla sex awaits this demonic rendezvous. Unfortunately, like most hentai, the naughty bits are layered with pixelation, but copious amounts of jiggling action and tantalizing voice work curbs the loss of explicit imagery. If you’ve enjoyed Caryo’s special brand of bouncy animation slathered with buckets of bukkake, then Night of the Succubus may be right up your alley. Check out their blog to see more of their cutely kinky adventures.

Night of the Succubus released on June, 27th. Follow us on Twitter  and Tumblr for more news, reviews, and updates on upcoming games and media.

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