If you build it, they will cum

Renowned lewd machinima creator Studio FOW has released a new clip featuring Mortal Kombat babe Cassie Cage being gangbanged at a casino in Las Vegas.

The new clip, titled Mommy Issues, was a prize for Solain, winner of Studio FOW’s latest porn raffle and general Studio FOW supporter. Here’s what Studio FOW has to say about it:


2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Cassie’s last movie was a huge hit. So good in fact, they gave her another contract! Unfortunately it turns out Sonya didn’t take too kindly to her little girl blowing a bunch of slimey dudes on film and had the tapes destroyed! However, a lot of stuff was left on the cutting floor and thanks to our bootlegger friends at TMZ, you can now see Cassie getting it on anyway. How delightfully convenient.


- Name: Cassie Cage

- Age: 19

- Occupation: Sergeant

- Series: Mortal Kombat

- Voice Actress:High Cockmancer Gynoid

- Voice Actors: Blackeye, Kristoff, DC

- Animator:BlueLight

- Bukkake:Qwert

- Production: DC

- Models by: Redmenace, Lt Rocky

- Raffle Winner: Solain

Gynoid can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, and is thus bestowed with the most honorary of StudioFOW actress titles – the“Cockmancer” Well done dear, here is your ceremonial phallic sceptre. And also some cream for the herpes we gave you.

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s the clip in question:

You can, of course, head out to Studio FOW’s Tumblr and download the .mp4 for yourself.

But wait, there’s more! This particular raffle prize comes hot on the heels of a previous clip for another raffle winner and Patreon supporter, Ed. This clip, which was for the March raffle (as opposed to the previous one, which was for April), is also a gangbang clip. It features Resident Evil‘s signature femme fatale Ada Wong being trapped by perverted zombies and subsequently gang raped. It looks like she ends up liking it, though, so I guess it’s a-OK!

Don’t take my word for it, though here’s what Studio FOW have to say about it:

####March ‘16 Raffle – “Botched Infiltration”

Undisclosed Location, Scandinavia

Ada knew she shouldn’t have trusted this anonymous tipster. She had been careless, stupid, and far too arrogant. The supposed Umbrella blacksite was overrun by the time she got there, and the trap had well and truly been set. With her clip emptied and nowhere to run, she stared down the approaching swarm of zombies. Her hair stuck to her forehead as beads of sweat rolled down her athletic body. She was determined to go down fighting.

Gracefully launching herself into the horde, she kicked and punched her way through dozens, maybe even hundreds of the freaks. But they were endless, and she was tiring. Her clothes were in tatters, her skin scratched, but strangely enough, these ones did not bite.

Even as they swarmed over her, they did not bite. 

As they held her down, they did not bite. 

As she lay helpless and exhausted, they spread her legs…and still, they did not bite.

No, these zombies had a different appetites to sate…

As she glanced over and saw empty vials of something marked “F-Virus”, she finally understood what they were researching at this facility…


- Name: Ada Wong

- Age: 29

- Series: Resident Evil

- Voice Actress: Rollu

- Animator:Secazz

- Production: Darkcrow

- Model by: Selph80

- Patreon Winner: Ed

The winner for this month’s raffle has been supporting us for a long time, so I was delighted that he won it! He wanted two different setups, one of Ada getting raped, and another one of her enjoying the sex so we split it in half and did two takes. Secazz did a great job on his first time handling not only the WIP Ada model but all the background zombies!

As before, here’s the clip right here, so you don’t have to bother searching for it:

And of course, the Tumblr link, if you feel like saving the clip to your hard drive.

As you must be well aware by now, Studio FOW’s Tumblr  contains all their works, from these short clips to AAA, hour-long machinima productions. If you fancy yourself a patron of the arts or just want to see more of this extremely well-produced porn, they also have a Patreon where you can support them.

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