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Nutaku to Launch New Adult Game Store

Nutaku is due to launch a new game store, which will function as a combination between a web-based and downloadable client.

Adult video games are quite spread out through the web. Unlike mainstream titles which enjoy the likes of Steam, the games we cover here are generally found in any number of places around the web. Some have tried to step into new territory, such as the founders of Kimochi, but sadly they were unsuccessful in that pursuit. This hasn’t stopped the idea of a unified platform for adult games however, with Nutaku stepping up to give it a try.

Announced just today, Nutaku is currently making plans to roll out a new store. The store will combine the functionality of a web-based front end with the capabilities of a downloadable client. Similarly to GOG, Nutaku’s platform will allow users to create accounts and purchase games that they can then access and download directly through it. We spoke to Nutaku Tom to get a feel for how this will work.

nutaku 1

“We’re looking to distribute anything publishers and developers are looking to sell,” said Tom, “we are open to all developers and we aren’t looking for exclusivity” he added. This means that developers will be free to use the service, and still self-publish if they so wish. Primarily, Nutaku felt that this was a move that would most importantly serve the users. “We just hope this is going to be beneficial for the community,” said Tom, “we want the community and developers to show us how interested in this they would be”.

Initially, Nutaku is looking to fill the new store with high-quality titles. The team will look at completed games and games that have a fair price point, rather than anything still in development. Nutaku has also decided to implement an optional DRM system for developers, meaning that any purchases will be tied to the user account from which it came. Nutaku has explained that this is “no more invasive than Steam currently is” and that it is entirely optional for the developer to implement.

Developers will also gain some additional benefits from using the new store. Nutaku will be offering full marketing support for games using the service, with promotional material appearing on Nutaku itself, as well as on sites like Fakku and Pornhub’s anime section. For players, they will be able to purchase the games normally or by using their existing “Nutaku gold” – a currency created for existing freemium games. The store will also have embedded currency support, meaning developers and users alike will have options available to them.

nutaku 2

While things are still in testing phases, Nutaku hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a dedicated client. “The client is certainly something we’re looking into,” said Tom, adding that this is “us dipping our toe in the water” to see how it performs. The team has set no firm targets for expectations, and have stated that their aim is to simply make “this service as appealing as possible to both developers and consumers”. Nutaku has around 13 million visits per month, so the team is hopeful that they will be successful.

Nutaku plans to roll out the new store around May. The team hasn’t decided on any specific dates yet, particularly since some details need to be finalized, but we can expect to see it up and running quite soon. “We’re working hard to get everything ready behind the scenes,” said Tom, concluding that they’ll have another announcement closer to launch. The store will play host to games that are “too hot for Steam” on Windows, Mac and Linux, so this could very well be the spiritual successor to Kimochi.

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  • This sounds interesting, and a much-needed departure from the freemium model. How will Nutaku’s offering attempt to distinguish itself from DLsite, which is already established? Will it focus on professional eroge (unlike DLsite Eng)? Will it carry titles published by JAST, MangaGamer, and Denpasoft? I think securing the cooperation of these publishers is important if they want this service to catch on and be a true one-stop shop for digital eroge in the way that Amazon and GameStop are for boxed game releases. Breaking the deeply-rooted publisher desire for platform exclusivity (to avoid giving others a share of profits) may prove difficult, however.

    • HentaiWriter

      I’d assume it would probably differ from DLSite in not reaming the customer/developer’s price points, given that it’d be likely primarily catering to western developers/buyers.

      Highly likely loli won’t be a part of it, the same reason loli isn’t a part of any primarily Western-oriented shop, because it’s literally something you can get arrested for selling/distributing/owning here, not to mention most credit card processors won’t even get near it (it’s hard enough to get them to even be okay with hentai in the first place).

      • Hiecchi

        “because it’s literally something you can get arrested for selling/distributing/owning here”
        Not in all countrys, but i dont know in which country nutaku is located

        • HentaiWriter

          Nutaku is primarily based in Canada, according to their wikipedia article, which is even MORE harsh on loli content than the USA is, so yeah, it’s unlikely they’ll have said content.

      • Random45

        Exactly, thank you. In the United States, loli stuff isn’t illegal, but in a lot of other countries (including Canada and Mexico) it most definitely is. I don’t blame developers one bit for censoring it.

        • How do you explain the weird and pointless censorship in Osawari like this?:
          And this:

          My full mini-essay on the topic can be found here:

          • Random45

            I was really only specifically talking about loli content being censored, anything else and I tend to agree with people regarding it being dumb censorship, I’m just not quite enthusiastic about it like the rest of the people on this site.

            That being said, WOW, no fucking wonder. I KNEW they changed the characters in that game when I played it. I remember logging in one day and seeing those characters with the much smaller eyes, and I could’ve swore it wasn’t like that before. Jesus Christ, they BUTCHERED the character art in that game. I was wondering why half of the characters looked so fucking ugly. If they were going to lobotomize them so much to try and make them look older, they should’ve just cut them out completely, it would’ve been a better change than what they did.

          • ChaosKin

            This was already explained by LG a while back in a stream. Its not Nutaku making these choices. Its the banks telling these guys to censor their material. I play their titles quite a lot and they have actually gone in and changed some of those things.

            I guess they found a new representative that either doesn’t care or they chose to ignore their request. Which Logic explained is actually risky for them to do in the first place. MangaGamer recently also had to make a change with their payment processors since they release material that would obviously raise a few eyebrows if the wrong person was looking.

            The issue is none of these problems are yet public. You have people freaking out and raising pitchforks, but are attacking people who can’t do anything about it. Credit Card companies are to blame here and depending on the country you operate from just makes things more complicated.

          • MangaGamer’s old payment processor dropped them because of a rash of fraudulent transactions. Criminals were buying titles from MG’s store with stolen credit cards to sell the complementary Steam keys on the black market.

            Careful with the arrogance. I suspect I know more about these issues than you do. If you’re inclined to pass me off as just another anti-censorship nut, then you should reread my arguments. They’re more nuanced than you seem to realize.

            I didn’t specifically address issues with payment processors because they weren’t relevant to my argument and Nutaku hasn’t come forward to explain the method to their madness in enough detail to analyze it (or at all). If you think Nutaku has no ability to circumvent this, you’re naive. JAST and MangaGamer release far more racy titles with no edits at all, so it CAN be done. I suspect Nutaku encountered the same hurdle as every other publisher in the industry, and rather than jump it like everyone else they simply pushed it to the side. And if this hurdle was unique, they’re definitely not talking about it. They could. But they aren’t. Why? Because it’s bad publicity.

            So why do I bring this up now? Because if they’re going to have a store where they sell 3rd party titles, they can’t pull this unannounced censorship BS and expect to not be called on it. No one in their right mind would patronize a store where the “Nutaku version” is different from and inferior to the original versions offered at other stores, much less a store that makes alterations without telling anyone. The alternative is that they severely limit their offerings to avoid games with lolis, religious symbols, tentacles, rape, rape symbols, and whatever other arbitrary content types I’ve left out. That SEVERELY limits the sorts of games they could sell, which means their selection will always be restricted to a small subset of vanilla moe games. That lacks any sort of ambition at all, and wouldn’t do anything to crown a new Steam of eroge.

            tldr; These censorship issues will continue to hound Nutaku at every turn until they face them and SOLVE them, not ignore them and pretend they don’t exist.

          • RocKM001 .

            To be perfectly fair it seems Nutaku are very slowly fixing things up.. for example just about all of Hitsuji Chronicles scenes are uncensored.. and they are beginning to uncensor the stuff on PPS which does have a fair bit of loli in there =P

          • Could you describe the changes in PeroPero Seduction and Hitsuji Chronicles so I can add them to my censored eroge list?

          • RocKM001 .

            AFAIK.. for Hitsuji everyone of the H scenes for the girls has been uncensored since release basically removing the pixelisation for genitals and point of penetration and retouching the images.

            For PPS they’ve only just started uncensoring both the cards and the animation from this latest update. To date only the tutorial animation of Airu has been uncensoed and a handful of older cards. I don’t have a complete collection since i only started playing a few months ago but I did notice some of my older SR cards have been uncensored as per Hitsuji. According to the mods they are slowly working on uncensoring all the cards and scenes

          • I’m not concerned so much with mosaics as I am with content cuts and characters being visually altered (censored) specifically for the English release. I haven’t seen any interest at all in cataloguing eroge with mosaics in the English release, so I may end up axing that completely from my project goals.

          • Bryan

            I still care about mosaics ): So please keep it on your project >:

          • But do you need a list of games with mosaics? In most cases you can tell at a glance from a shop page if the game has mosaics or not.

            A primary goal of the project is to highlight information that is NOT available on shop pages. When you visit a Steam store page it doesn’t tell you that an adult version is for sale on JAST. When you visit a JAST store page, it doesn’t tell you that all the H-scenes with lolis have been removed.

          • Bryan

            I need a mosaic list for SP released games

          • Almost every eroge they release has a non-adult version, so those games will be on my list anyway. I’ll probably keep the mosaics column, but likely will not include games in the list simply because they have mosaics. If I were to include games purely because they have mosaics, they’d probably be in their own tab–but I’d only do this if there was high demand for it.

            As it is, I don’t have mosaic information filled in for most games, and I don’t care enough to hunt down the info myself. If you and others want this information to be included, this information will have to be submitted to me via the community submissions tabs.

          • ChaosKin

            Not saying at all that what Nutaku is doing isn’t silly, but you make it sound as if they WANT to censor their material. Again they don’t have much choice due to credit card processors and how banks behave.

            If none of your research includes this core issue that I can only assume that your just another misinformed person that doesn’t really know what really going on.

    • Guest

      We had been getting lolis back for a while, even the censorship that was going on at osawari is getting reversed slowly but surely. I think the issue is more with tentacle/bestiality then with lolis. I do hope that nutaku does partner up with the big 3 vn companies, as it would help eroge sell better in this steam/all ages era.

    • You don’t need to distinguish yourself in any way to carve your place in the hentai game scene. Just make the download process streamlined, and the site easy on the eyes.

      The current download model with Mangagamer and JAST USA, the zip downloads, the activation codes, or multiple zip files (Shiny Days is 16 zip files), is unacceptable in 2016. In this model, the conversion rates into actual customers is ridiculously low. Eroge is already niche, and most players are hooked playing (illegal) fan-patched games.

      I say this as an authority, because I market these games professionally, and I have the sales data. This media doesn’t sell. It doesn’t sell nearly as much as it has the potential to. That is because of not just the zip file bullshit, but the ridiculously high pricing of the products.

      I am hoping Nutaku will do their shit right. We need a good distribution platform to make this industry great again.

  • YuneKirby

    I understand the need for DRM, though it feels a bit risky in a case like this considering many other adult game storefronts folded after a few years. I wish them luck regardless, as more options is typically a good thing.

  • edwards21

    I was wondering how the market was going to fill the Kimochi gap, and frankly, Nutaku makes a lot of sense. They’re already showing no small measure of success. And if their audience responds to it (which I feel like they will, considering that they released that one Russian VN… Summer something?), this could finally be the adult game marketplace we’ve been looking for.

    I like that the DRM’s optional. I don’t like DRM, necessarily, but I understand the need for it to exist in the marketplace. They’re not forcing it, but they’re allowing it as a developer-end option, which feels like the best compromise here.

    Let’s hope they can make it work. I wish them the best.

  • BeholdMyPower

    Great to hear, third time’s the charm hopefully with Kimochi and that adult version of Kickstarter unfortunately fizzling out.

  • Badmojo7

    More lewd stores the better. Just need to copy steam/gog with a dedicated client. What is needed is some high quality stuff. They also should allow non eroge/sex games on their store as well. I really wish steam would have an adults only section for non censored games.

  • Waifu Engineering

    Sweet, just in time for my first release. I’ll be emailing them later this week.