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Nutaku to Launch New Adult Game Store

Nutaku is due to launch a new game store, which will function as a combination between a web-based and downloadable client.

Adult video games are quite spread out through the web. Unlike mainstream titles which enjoy the likes of Steam, the games we cover here are generally found in any number of places around the web. Some have tried to step into new territory, such as the founders of Kimochi, but sadly they were unsuccessful in that pursuit. This hasn’t stopped the idea of a unified platform for adult games however, with Nutaku stepping up to give it a try.

Announced just today, Nutaku is currently making plans to roll out a new store. The store will combine the functionality of a web-based front end with the capabilities of a downloadable client. Similarly to GOG, Nutaku’s platform will allow users to create accounts and purchase games that they can then access and download directly through it. We spoke to Nutaku Tom to get a feel for how this will work.

“We’re looking to distribute anything publishers and developers are looking to sell,” said Tom, “we are open to all developers and we aren’t looking for exclusivity” he added. This means that developers will be free to use the service, and still self-publish if they so wish. Primarily, Nutaku felt that this was a move that would most importantly serve the users. “We just hope this is going to be beneficial for the community,” said Tom, “we want the community and developers to show us how interested in this they would be”.

Initially, Nutaku is looking to fill the new store with high-quality titles. The team will look at completed games and games that have a fair price point, rather than anything still in development. Nutaku has also decided to implement an optional DRM system for developers, meaning that any purchases will be tied to the user account from which it came. Nutaku has explained that this is “no more invasive than Steam currently is” and that it is entirely optional for the developer to implement.

Developers will also gain some additional benefits from using the new store. Nutaku will be offering full marketing support for games using the service, with promotional material appearing on Nutaku itself, as well as on sites like Fakku and Pornhub’s anime section. For players, they will be able to purchase the games normally or by using their existing “Nutaku gold” – a currency created for existing freemium games. The store will also have embedded currency support, meaning developers and users alike will have options available to them.

While things are still in testing phases, Nutaku hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a dedicated client. “The client is certainly something we’re looking into,” said Tom, adding that this is “us dipping our toe in the water” to see how it performs. The team has set no firm targets for expectations, and have stated that their aim is to simply make “this service as appealing as possible to both developers and consumers”. Nutaku has around 13 million visits per month, so the team is hopeful that they will be successful.

Nutaku plans to roll out the new store around May. The team hasn’t decided on any specific dates yet, particularly since some details need to be finalized, but we can expect to see it up and running quite soon. “We’re working hard to get everything ready behind the scenes,” said Tom, concluding that they’ll have another announcement closer to launch. The store will play host to games that are “too hot for Steam” on Windows, Mac and Linux, so this could very well be the spiritual successor to Kimochi.

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