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Love and Romance - A Study of Intimacy Otomege is Released

Independent developer Michaela Laws has just released an erotic visual novel Love and Romance – A Study of Intimacy exploring the themes of affection and consent.

Originally one of the entries for the NaNoRenO 2016 visual novel game jam, Love and Romance – A Study of Intimacy is developer Michaela Laws’ first step into the world of eroge. Having worked previously on such games as SeduceMe, Seduce Me 2: The Demon War and Maid With Perfection, Laws has created Love and Romance – A Study of Intimacy with a specific message to pass on in mind. The visual novel is built around the idea that a healthy and loving relationship can be built without the need for sex. To make this concept come across even better, all four of the intimate sex scenes in the game are completely optional and can be skipped at any point in time.

Other features of Love and Romance – A Study of Intimacy also include two endings, an almost fully voiced cast of characters and an original GUI and artwork.

You can find out more about the game’s story, characters and take a look at a few sample screenshots just below this paragraph.


Amelia Waters is a brilliant 26-year-old romance writer who, after years of hard dedication and work, became the top romance novelist of the millennium. However, she has always felt that something was wrong with her writing and, after reading her books again, she finally found out what it was: the sex scenes were garbage. In need to fix this issue, Amelia talks to her manager and agent, Lee Yoon Ho, and asks for help. He manages to grab keys to a cabin, isolated from society, and takes her there for a week to help her get her head in the game and for her to practice writing about sex.

When she hits a brick wall, Lee offers to help her again… with his body.


Amelia Waters (CV: YOU) A successful 26-year-old writer who lives in a shabby apartment with her cat. While in front of her laptop, she paints beautiful pictures of love and romance of all spectrums. What halts her from being the absolute best are her sex scenes, which are robotic and redundant. With a sense of determination and a 4-year-old dry spell, she is determined to make her sex scenes better somehow!

Lee Yoon Ho (CV: David O’Byron) Amelia’s manager and agent. Formerly a model, he left the business to help others become successful. When he found Amelia, he took her under his wing and became the gateway to her success. Hard-working and open, he helps Amelia in every way to guide her to complete success because he believes she deserves it. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love…


Sir Gerald (CV: Michael Potok) A side character from Amelia’s best novel, Knights of the Heavenly Blade. Deeply in love with his princess, Jasmina, he becomes one of Amelia’s guinea pigs for her sex writing practice.

Princess Jasmina (CV: Michaela Laws) A side character from Amelia’s best novel, Knights of the Heavenly Blade. Innocent, pure, and in deep love with her knight, Gerald, she becomes Gerald’s partner in Amelia’s sex writing practice.

Love and Romance – A Study of Intimacy is now available for PC, Mac and Linux, completely free of charge on the developer’s official homepage. Be sure to check it out if you’re into romance, the concept of consenting and loving vanilla sex.

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