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Nutaku Is Retiring Lord of Valkyrie

Lord of Valkyrie, Nutaku’s oldest major title, is being shut down. The game first appeared in December of 2014, and Nutaku feels that the game has been eclipsed by their newer titles.

All good things must eventually come to an end. For Nutaku, that end date is April 30th. The good thing in question is Lord of Valkyrie, the hentai card game that’s made Nutaku what it is today. Originally released in December of 2014, Lord of Valkyrie was Nutaku’s first major title, and the first card game that appeared on the site. The game really kicked off Nutaku’s success and set the precedent for every game we’ve seen since.

Unfortunately, Nutaku has to put Lord of Valkyrie out to pasture. While the game lived a fulfilling—albeit short—life, Lord of Valkyrie has been overtaken by Nutaku’s newer games. A lot of these newer games build and improve upon the original model, which has resulted in most players migrating away from Lord of Valkyrie. One game, in particular, Hitsuji Chronicle, the unofficial sequel to Lord of Valkyrie, has seen most of the old guard move over to it.

lord of valkyrie 2

All this really means is that, there aren’t that many people playing Lord of Valkyrie anymore. Due to the nature of the game, Lord of Valkyrie makes use of the combined effort of concurrent players, which means a lot of the content is now harder to complete. The game is no longer profitable according to Nutaku, and it left them with a tough decision of how to proceed. With costs on the rise, Nutaku felt that Lord of Valkyrie just wasn’t sustainable enough to justify, and are pulling the plug.

Thankfully, Nutaku isn’t leaving fans of Lord of Valkyrie out to dry. The publisher has promised a gift package to those who stuck with the game, making the transition to its spiritual successor as painless as possible. This will allow players to retain some of the powerful items and gear that they’ve obtained in Lord of Valkyrie, which is pretty cool of them to do. Plus of course, the world still lives on in one of Nutaku’s newer titles, Quiz of Valkyrie.

lord of valkyrie 1

If you want to check out Nutaku’s statement on the matter, you’ll find it right here. The big day is April 30th, so from that point on Lord of Valkyrie will be no more. You have been warned, but thankfully Nutaku’s library is growing all the time, so there’s still bound to be something there that catches your eye. See you in Valhalla.

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  • Random45

    This game only lasted for a year and 4 months. I understand that it probably wasn’t providing much revenue anymore, but this news would absolutely tarnish my faith in paying any cash for any of their games, since they took the game down so damn quickly.

    • Girls Kingdom is heading the same direction; the Japanese version hasn’t had any content updates in 6 months now, so the English version will soon run out of content. The game is doing poorly in Nutaku’s rankings, and the Nutaku administrator for the game complains that the sparsity of content places an undue burden on Nutaku administrators like himself to manage events and keep players engaged. Guess what happens to games that are more work than they’re worth?

      Perhaps more sinisterly, Hitsuji Chronicles–the supposed successor to Lord of Valkyrie–is apparently no longer being updated on the Japanese side. That means Hitsuji’s days are numbered as well. Not only that–Nutaku KNEW the game would no longer be supported by the original developers when the game was launched! I know someone who’s disputing hundreds of dollars in transactions with his bank over what he considers a conspiracy to defraud customers. Looking at Girls Kingdom, we see the same pattern–content updates to the Japanese version terminated around the same time as Nutaku’s launch.

      These examples bely inherent flaws in the model Nutaku is using, and the most devoted fans are beginning to catch on to this, I think. There’s people who sink hundreds upon hundreds of dollars into each of these games, and to have their investments terminated after just over a year of service is incredibly upsetting to them.

      • Niicro

        Glad to have seen this post. I thought about spending some money on a few of Nutaku’s games, but after seeing this, I don’t think I will even spend my time on them if they are just going to disappear in a year or less. Currently there is too much grind for to little reward compared to games you can buy and keep forever for a fraction of the cost, especially when the quality of the majority of the H-scenes are the equivalent of low budget VNs.

      • Waifu Engineering

        I never liked the hosted game (F2P, MMO) ecosystem on desktop and especially mobile, and the fact that many shut down after a year or even less justifies my sentiment.

        However, with Kimochi failing to deliver on its promise of Steam for Porn Games, someone better pick up the slack for a user-friendly marketplace for all things porn games free from adware and spyware. If not Nutaku, then Mikandi Japan or someone.

        Mangagamer and DLsite are both still options, but MG’s strength is in visual novels while DLsite censors and is a loss-leader for the developer below a certain price point.

        We need a good alternative for download-to-keep porn games.

        • I agree completely. The problem is that there’s relatively few professional-quality Japanese eroge with gameplay to begin with. VNs are much more popular. VNs with good gameplay do exist, but there’s still a lot of text (usually) and that makes translating them costly. And for whatever reason, successful developers like Eushully aren’t interested in English releases.

          Then there’s the problem with censorship. The more game-like porn becomes, the greater the pressure to cut content or not release the game at all. A game like Rapelay could be a non-starter because Westerners find the concept so revolting that they might band together to ban such games if the games caught their attention (and an English release would make this much more likely).

          Keep an eye on what happens with Maitetsu. That one really tests the boundaries of acceptability, both with and without the adult content.

    • EroBotan

      I think it’s the risk that both the company and gamers have to take when it comes to MMO games. I’m fine as long as they provide some form of compensation so the players can move on to other games & refund all the cash that has been bought near the closure date (probably between the last 1-2 months)