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Adult RPG The Imaginarium Demo Now Available

A demo for Zardaxian’s adult RPG, The Imaginarium, is now available. The Imaginarium was made in RPG Maker, and makes use of fully-rendered 3D models to tell its sexy story.

You can always rely on Hongfire to find something new to try out. This week we’ve got a new adult title for your perusal, The Imaginarium. Created by Zardaxian, also known as Daniels K., The Imaginarium is an adult RPG made in the ever popular RPG Maker. The Imaginarium makes use of the developer’s 3D skills, incorporating the different dimensions to create the final experience.

The Imaginarium puts you in the shoes of Blake, the hero of this particular story, and a very bored man (though he does like boobs). Blake isn’t the biggest fan of life, but things change when he’s brought good news. It looks as though Blake has won a contest, though he’s unsure how he entered it, which allows him the use of a machine known as The Imaginarium. The machine lets Blake travel around through time, bedding the wenches of the past to fuel both his lust and the machine itself.

As an RPG, you can expect The Imaginarium to come bundled with various elements from the genre. The game will be recognisable in mechanics to most RPG fans, with a turn-based battle system providing the bulk of enemy interactions. According to the developer there are also other features that make The Imaginarium feel like an RPG, and as the game is in its early stages, there are likely to be more down the line. The Imaginarium will also make use of the tried and true party member system, allowing you to build a team to fend off the bad guys.

Your partner in crime, Brenda, functions as this additional party member first and foremost. As your personal “assistant”, Brenda is rather obligated to do as you say, which ranges from fighting monsters to something a bit more personal. Players will have the ability to make use of their assistant, and the developer has noted that yes, you can use toys on her. Marvellous.

If you want to try out The Imaginarium for yourself, you’ll find a direct link to the demo here . Should you wish to do some of your own research before getting stuck in, you can visit the Hongfire thread , which details all you need to know. If you want to find out more about the developer himself, a Patreon page is available, from where you can lend your support if you enjoy The Imaginarium. This isn’t the first game Zardaxian has created, so keep an eye out for future projects. Check out the trailer below.

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