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Play With Us! Eroge Visual Novel Now on Newgrounds

Play With Us!, an adult visual novel, is now available on Newgrounds. The game, created by Love-Joint, focuses on the sexual awakening of two characters as they discover each other.

Depending on when you first got on the internet, Newgrounds might hold a lot of memories for you. While it has lost some of its audience to YouTube since then, it held a very special place in our young hearts back in the early days of modern broadband. The site hosted a ton of content, usually flash-based, from a huge number of animators who have since gone on to make it big. For those of you who spent a lot of time there, it may well have been the first place you found an adult game (probably a Meet n’ Fuck, right?). Well, Newgrounds has still got ’em.

Play With Us! is an adult visual novel hosted on Newgrounds. Built with HTML5 (goodbye, Flash), Play With Us! focuses on the story of two high school students as they awaken their sexuality. The game puts you in the shoes of your own faceless avatar, informing you that you’re due to meet with Emma, a longtime friend. Emma is waiting on you in the school and you’re already late. It’s here where the game introduces to the choice system, which impacts how the adventure will pan out for you, so choose wisely.

play with us! 3

Play With Us! is made entirely in 3D, with fully realized characters and environments. The game functions primarily as a VN, though it also incorporates more “hands-on” approaches to gameplay. Depending on your actions, you’ll be able to advance certain plot lines with Emma, which can lead to these extra sections. During these interactive moments, the player will engage with Emma, lifting her skirt or undressing her, so making the right choice is important if you want to get this far.

While developer Love-Joint had hoped for a larger release, Play With Us! Episode 1 still contains separate endings for you to find. Some are easier to obtain than others and each has a varying degree of naughtiness to it. For those of you with some better understanding of VNs than I, there’s definitely enough content there to make it worth a try.

According to the developer, there will hopefully be later episodes for Play With Us!. Your progress in this episode should carry over to later releases though nothing has been confirmed yet. If you want to try out the game for yourself, it’s available Newgrounds right now. The game is, of course, free-to-play, so there’s nothing to lose by giving it a go. If you want to find out more about Love-Joint, you can also check out their Patreon page for the latest updates and news.


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  • BeholdMyPower

    Taking me down memory lane for a second there. Now I’m thinking back to the first porn video I ever watched, which funnily enough I can recall nearly every detail except what the thing was called.

  • KissDisqus

    The quality of writing is what you expect from a new grounds porn game but what really bothers me are the models. Overall she looks good but there’s something off about her anime eyes and the nasolabial fold(I had to google what the hell the name for those lines were) is kind of pronounced which is jarring with the animu style he’s trying to go for.

  • Эрнест Бетев

    SexGangsters. new cool game for us, enjoy >>>