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Street Fighter V Nude Mods Now Feature Cammy

While the whole world waits for Capcom’s upcoming patch, the growing list of Street Fighter V nude mods has received a valuable contribution in the form of a nude Cammy.

Less than a week remains for the first big Street Fighter V content patch to arrive. To make these final six days a bit more bearable, the SFV nude mod community has been working extra hard to make your fighting game experience even more exciting.

As proof of that, 3DM forum member Syasuke has prepared a simple nude mod for everyone’s favorite cannon spike-spamming soldier, Cammy. Apart from making Cammy appear completely in the nude and with genital retextures, Syasuke, for whatever reason, also decided to remove her signature beret. The absolute madman!

The Street Fighter V Cammy nude mod (without her hat) can now be downloaded by following this link. If you’re unconvinced about whether you should give the mod a shot, we’ve got a few screenshots showing off Cammy’s naked assets.

You might also be wondering how to install this bountiful mod onto your PC copy of Street Fighter V. Don’t worry, we have you covered; SFxT Mods forums user hecz has compiled several guides on Street Fighter V modding and put them all in one thread. The section you’re looking for in the first post is “How to use ModManager”, which introduces a very handy and user-friendly tool to install simple texture mods. Be sure to follow the step-by-step guide and in no time at all, you’ll be enjoying a much sexier Street Fighter V.

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