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Pornhub Launches Their New VR Section

Pornhub, one of the world’s largest porn websites, has just launched its newest project. The new section of the site, known as Pornhub VR, caters directly to those with a virtual reality headset.

Pornhub is a pretty big deal in the adult world. We’ve had some pretty interesting things come out of there in recent memory, such as the revelation that Minecraft porn was growing in popularity. It was a strange day. Today’s news is a little less weird and is more futuristic, as it looks as though Pornhub now has a dedicated section of their website for virtual reality porn.

Teaming up with VR porn store BaDoink , Pornhub is now offering full 360-degree content on their page. Pornhub hopes to cater to this emerging new market and plans to foster this section of their website as time goes on. Thus far, all the content that’s available seems to be from BaDoink, though there’s sure to be more providers in the future. The videos that exist at present are all from the male POV, with various different girls and positions for you to check out.

Pornhub VR looks as though it will work with just about any VR headset, though the fine print at the bottom of the page only mentions the Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. You can also check it out with your browser if you want to, though it doesn’t look as though the full 360 experience translates very well. If you don’t own a Cardboard or other related device, they’re usually pretty easy to come across, with some companies even giving them away. Pornhub ran a similar event, giving away 10,000 free headsets to the lucky viewers quick enough.

If you want to see what Pornhub has to offer for yourself, you’ll find all of their current VR videos right here. You can also check out their launch trailer, which takes a rather humorous tone with the whole affair – as you’d expect from a porn site. A lot of people are really banking on VR hitting it big, with some analysts predicting that it’ll be well on its way to being a billion dollar industry by 2025. The future is here, so go check it out.

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