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Nutaku Releases a New Erotic Quiz Game - Quiz of Valkyrie

Nutaku has just added another game to their ever growing roster – Quiz of Valkyrie. The game will test your trivia knowledge as you cut a path through this fantasy adventure.

If you fancy playing an adult card game, then Nutaku has been your best bet for a while now. The free-to-play site has been reliably developing games in this genre, adding more to their growing library over time. Nutaku has just released a new title too, known as Quiz of Valkyrie. The game takes another stab at the card-battle genre, this time incorporating some new features that we haven’t seen from them before.

The name of the game says all: Quiz of Valkyrie will test your knowledge and intellectual skill with a unique battle system that focuses on trivia instead of the usual turn-based combat. Rather than directly attacking an enemy, you’ll have to answer a series of questions in order to claim victory. During your turn, you’ll have the choice to pick from a number of topics, all ranging from general knowledge to video games.

Players will also build up a team of Valkyries, each with their own attacks and abilities. When choosing a topic on your turn, you’ll need to pick a topic that corresponds to which Valkyrie you want to use. Each Valkyrie has her own color-coded element, such as fire, which matches up with the coloured ring on your topic menu. Once you’ve chosen a topic, and gotten it right, your Valkyrie will attack the enemies on screen. Answering quickly nets you a bonus, allowing you to deal extra damage, so have your buzzer finger ready.

During the course of the game, you’ll be able to build up your party with more Valkyries. You’ll have to retain and master them all if you want to show the monsters of the world who’s boss. As with all Nutaku games, there’s something called a Gacha system in place. Using the Gacha will allow you to recruit more Valkyries, which you can do with something known as “Gacha Points”. These are obtained through the course of play, but you can also access more through the premium Gacha service or by finding magical stones in-game.

Quiz of Valkyrie uses a coin system as its main currency. By collecting and using coins, you can level up your party, upgrading them and equipping them with more powerful attacks. If you happen to encounter a boss, facing the challenge head-on may reward you with even more, so keep your team fighting fit. Players will also be able to fight against one another, competing in a real-time battle of wits to earn your spot at the top.

Quiz of Valkyrie also includes some very adult material. By upgrading your Valkyries, you’ll eventually gain access to special scenes that are viewable in the album. The game even begins with a rather naughty encounter, so it starts as it means to go on. There are a number of Valkyries to collect and use, meaning there should be plenty of scenes available to those who put in the effort.

If you want to check out Quiz of Valkyrie, you’ll find it on Nutaku’s website . You’ll need an account to start playing, but as with all of their games, they are free-to-play. Nutaku gives you a little bit of gold to start off with, so you can see if this is the sort of thing for you. If you’re curious about our other pieces on Nutaku’s library, you can check out this link. For now though, get studying and brush up on your knowledge if you want to have your way with these mythical girls.

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