If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Genital Jousting - Every Hole is a Goal

Stick it to your friends with Genital Jousting, a game where every hole’s a goal. Take control of your very own dick-butt, as you fight against others to remain the last to be penetrated.

The male anatomy has been the pride of many. Men will often discuss it openly, and many a dick joke has been made over the years. All we can say is that dicks are pretty awesome. They make you feel good, whether you’re on the receiving end or you just happen to own one. It looks like one group of guys has decided to celebrate this tallest symbol of manhood by making a new game – Genital Jousting.

Genital Jousting, as its name likely suggests, is a game that takes the idea of the average “sword fight” one step further. Players will take control of a flaccid cock, which wiggles and squirms around on screen similar to you if you’ve had one drink too many. Each player gets their own serpent to guide, with Genital Jousting pitting a number of you against one another. The aim of the game is to get your jolly pecker into the other player’s goal – their asshole.

With anywhere from 4-8 of you and your friends, you’ll be able to jump right into Genital Jousting. It looks rather easy to get into, with simple controls and a simple objective. Each penis has a different and often humorous design, some even wearing various flavors of cock sock. One even looks like it has a Santa coat on. Once you’re in-game, you’ll be tasked with attacking your opponent’s butt, whilst trying to save your own ass from a similar fate. There’s definitely a metaphor for life in here somewhere.

Once you’ve penetrated or been penetrated, there’s a rather satisfying “splat”, along with a rather funny robotic “penetration” voice clip – just in case you didn’t realize what happened. If you fancy a challenge, it looks like you can make the game easier or harder (no pun intended) by increasing the length of your fantastical phallus.

If you want to check out Genital Jousting, you can find the game’s website here. The game isn’t actually out yet, though we have a release date of sometime in April of 2016. Genital Jousting is being created by just 5 guys, and looks to be a fun little project. So far we’ve seen a cool trailer (with more on the way), which you’ll find a scroll away. Just remember, always penetrate your friends with their full consent; you don’t want to open that can of worms.

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