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The Senran Kagura Kaguralarm App Will Wake You Up Gently

Marvelous Entertainment has come up with a new mobile application made specifically for sleepy Senran Kagura fans. The Kaguralarm will help you awaken in the morning with the voice of one of three Senran Kagura shinobi.

The Japanese online publication Gamer, specifically their news writer by the name of TOKEN , has had the chance to test out Marvelous Entertainment’s latest Senran Kagura-related invention, known as the Kaguralarm. This nifty android application lets you wake up to the voice of one of three (Yumi, Homura, Ikaruga) Senran Kagura female shinobi. Check out our translation of the Gamer article below to find out some of the busty features of the Kaguralarm.

Marvelous to release a new “Senran Kagura” themed alarm clock app on the Google Play store, starting March 17th. Being a fan of Senran Kagura myself, I’m delighted I got a chance to try out  “My voice will wake you up! Kaguralarm”!

Getting up in the morning is quite important for someone that covers news, such as myself; however, I’m sure we’ve all experienced the pain of a buzzing electric alarm jolting our peaceful brains out of their slumber before. Aren’t you guys just sick of that feeling?

During one of those normal buzzing days, I happened to catch wind of Marvelous’s plan to release a Senran Kagura-themed alarm app. Having played every game in the series so far, I was quite curious as to what the app would entail.

However, having always woken myself up with a standard electric buzzing alarm, I’d never used an alarm app like this before. Wondering if I could get a sneak peak, I contacted Marvelous and was able to get a trial before the alarm actually released!

The characters being used in this app are the very popular Yumi (CV: Hara Yumi), Homura (CV: Kitamura Eri), and Ikaruga (CV: Imai Asami). For my test today, I decided to try out Ikaruga, whose fighting style with her “Hien” is something I really like.

Before all that though, I should probably explain what exactly the app does. When you boot it up, the character you selected will be holding a scroll with the current date and time in the middle of it, along with the time you’ve set for the alarm. You can press the little alarm button on the lower right-hand side to set up to 3 different presets of alarm settings. The settings you can change include the days of the week you want the alarm to go off, the time you want it to go off, and up to three different voiced lines and illustration you want for when the character wakes you up. You can also select how long you want the snooze button to snooze, from 5 to 30 minutes, so as an alarm, I’d say it functions pretty well.

Regarding what lines you can set in the three voice presets, there are over 100 to choose from per character! From basic lines like “good morning” to season-specific ones, there are plenty of selections for all year. By the way, for those that want to hear the lines outside of the alarm, you can get them by selecting “play” next to the lines in the settings screen.

Additionally, swiping right will get you a calendar screen, while swiping left will get you an album of pictures with your character of choice. The calendar changes its picture depending on the season, so it’s basically a picture calendar. For those that want to enjoy the images in the calendar further, the album includes them all and allows for you to pick one and make it full screen.

The illustrations provided are up to 30 per character (12 for the months, plus 18 others). These illustrations all come from the mobile game “Senran Kagura New Wave G Burst.” There are over 72 shinobi in the game, so they had no shortage of illustrations to pick from. Series fans should definitely give it a look!

Okay, I kind of got side-tracked with the explanation there, so let’s hurry up and get to the testing! First, I worried over which voice to pick, since there were so many, as I said before. Of course, I could listen to the voices before I used them, but some of them are close to 30 seconds long, and I kind of wondered how that would look to everyone else…(the voice echoed through the entire editing office).

Still, I finally managed to set a voice and illustration I liked and went to lay down on the sofa. After that, I heard Ikaruga’s stern voice, along with the kindness (that I may have forced in there) underlying it, and was able to get back to work in good spirits (?)

Anyway, I have to say that the best part of the app is the stunning amount of variation. The character you choose can have many illustrations, long wake-up lines, short wake-up lines, be stern, be sweet, have a default morning greeting, wake you up with a seasonal phrase, etc.

The truth is, I actually used this not only in the editing office but also at home to actually wake me up. At first, it was a little soft due to my not being used to this kind of alarm, but you can set the volume level, so eventually I was able to wake up quick and easy!

I used Ikagura for the test this time, but the Homura and Yumi illustrations and voices looked great as well. I also hope they eventually make a Yomi one, whom I love as much as Ikagura (personal appeal to the devs).

The Senran Kagura Kaguralarm comes in three varieties featuring Yumi , Homura and Ikaruga. All of them are compatible with Android 4.4 version or higher and cost around $7.

If you’re sick of your normal mobile alarm piercing your eardrums every morning and want to replace it with the smooth, sensual voice of Senran Kagura girl, this is the perfect app for you. Let’s keep our fingers crossed other characters will get included in the near future. Waking up to Hikage’s deadpan emotionless voice is something I’m dreaming about, personally.

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