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The latest edition of Princess Trainer, a game by Akabur, has just been released. This new version, known as Princess Trainer Gold Edition, adds some extra features to the existing game.

Akabur’s Trainer series has proven to be quite popular. The well-received Witch Trainer and Princess Trainer games have sky-rocketed Akabur to adult stardom, something one quick scan of his Patreon page can confirm. The Trainer games don’t hide too much from potential players, with their titles telling you all you need to know before diving in. Players take control of a trainer and are tasked with breaking down their subject, re-training their mind in the deviant art of pleasure.

The original Princess Trainer released some time ago and allowed players to have their way with a beautiful princess. The star of the show is instantly recognizable, with Disney fans knowing her as Jasmine from Aladdin. Princess Trainer plays like a mixture of genres, with elements of both dating sims and visual novels, resulting in the trainer genre that adult fans have come to love. Players have to work their way through the game in order to achieve their goal, making the right decisions to ensure an obedient outcome.

Seeing as the popularity of the original was there, Akabur has now released a newer version of the original game – Princess Trainer Gold Edition. The Gold Edition of the game adds some new extra features, such as new scenes, all for the low low price of nothing. Thanks to the magic of Patreon support, Akabur has been able to release Princess Trainer Gold Edition to the public as of this week. And they say Russians are bad!


If you want to check out more from Akabur, you can find his Hentai Foundry page right here . From there, you’ll find access to his various user pages where you can follow news and development of his current and future projects. If you feel like supporting him, you can also check out his Patreon page. As with most Patreon services, doing so will give you priority access to any updates or new projects, though these things usually do hit the public eventually. Now run along, that whip isn’t going to crack itself.

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