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Nekopara Volume 2 continues to follow the adventures of Minazuki Kashou and the catgirls of the Minazuki family.

In volume two, business is booming at Kashou’s bakery La Soleil, much in part due to his sister Shigure’s efforts and all his catgirl employees. Unfortunately, two of Shigure’s catgirls, Azuki and Coconut, have been butting heads and fighting frequently, despite their deep sisterly bond that they shared in the past. A small misunderstanding between the pair threatens to drive a wedge between them. As their story unfolds, can these two sisters come to understand each other and strengthen their bond?

The game very much features the same romcom, heart attack inducing sweetness of the first game, so if you played the previous iteration, then expect more of the same patterns going into the sequel. While the first game focused on the adorable twins Vanilla and Chocola, Nekopara Vol. 2 focuses on two other sisters. There is Azuki, the oldest who hides behind a mask of sarcasm and toughness, and Coconut, the second youngest sister who tries her hardest at everything she does even though she generally ends up doing more harm than good. One element that was added in that I feel helped enhance volume two’s story and overall enjoyment was the drama involving Azuki and Coconut. There were times that I seriously had to save and take a break from the game because the scenes were so adorable that I felt like I had snorted sugar and my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

The artwork in the game is just as stunning as in the first installment, with a little bit of added “zest”. Every CG is beautifully drawn, colored and detailed, and the paper dolls are just as well-done. Unlike the first volume, Nekopara Vol. 2 utilizes 3D artwork for the paper dolls, a feature that was added into Nekopara Volume 0, bringing an even greater and more life-like quality to the scenes between CGs, as well as fully utilizing the motion capabilities of the e-mote system that Nekopara is well known for. Thanks to Sayori, the art in the game is one of its greatest strengths, and just like its predecessor, did not disappoint. The only negative I could really say about the artwork is that unfortunately the sex scenes are censored, but for the most part, it did not really bother me all that much, as the mosaics were fairly modest when compared to the censorship in some other titles.

The sex scenes for Nekopara Vol. 2 were fairly well done. Much like in the previous game, the h-scenes are mainly used to seal and deepen the bond between Kashou and the girls. Both Coconut and Azuki become his “catpanions” after having sex, bringing Kashou’s catgirl harem total to four, alongside Chocola and Vanilla. Speaking of the twins, the sex between both Coconut and Azuki is initiated by them, which actually dampened the impact of the scenes for me. Despite the fact that the scenes with Coconut and Azuki were used as a means to initiate a relationship, they felt immensely forced due to the fact that sex only occurred because of Vanilla and Chocola essentially forcing Kashou upon them.

Considering that the game is a lighthearted, adorable romantic comedy, it did not fit with the overall tone of the game, and in some ways ruined some very good chances to have amazing character development and interaction between them and Kashou. Both girls are immensely engaging and lovable characters, and so they felt immensely underutilized since the game did not allow them to shine and approach the main character of their own accord, or let things develop between them naturally. I sincerely hope that the next installment allows the girls to shine sexually on their own, without the meddling of the others. It also made Kashou seem somewhat credulous, as prior to Coconut and Azuki’s scenes, he was gushing over how he viewed them as a little sister/best friend, and then all of a sudden at the behest of the twins, whips his cock out to fuck them as he says how much he loves them.

While the sex stayed true to Nekopara’s vanilla roots, a few kinks were thrown into Coconut and Azuki’s scenes, adding a bit of much-welcomed spice to the action. Coconut’s busty figure is fully utilized with a lovely paizuri scene, and Azuki’s h-scene is given a pinch of very minor sadomasochism involving teasing and fucking her until she is close to cumming, then stopping to prevent her from reaching orgasm until she begs for release. While the writing was pretty much almost entirely dirty talk, the scenes themselves were fairly well done overall, and I found Azuki’s scene in particular to be extremely erotic due to the material.

The voice acting was just as well done, with every VA bringing out the personality of their character. Coconut’s VA, in particular, put so much effort into her acting that she makes it hard not to absolutely fall in love with the heterochromatic beauty, and Azuki’s is simply adorable when she purrs and lets down her walls. Every other character’s acting was just as spot on, like my lovely perverted waifu Cinnamon, which greatly added to the comedy and interactions between the characters. Thankfully, my ears were spared having to hear “goshuujin-sama” every sentence since Chocola and Vanilla took a backseat for a majority of the game.

On the music front, the music is the same as the first volume, literally. Nekopara Vol. 2‘s OST consists of the same exact tracks, with the exception of two new tracks that play for maybe one or two scenes, and a new opening and closing theme. Due to this, the music became grating immensely fast. The songs, while fitting and fairly decent, had already worn thin by the end of the first game. It would have been one thing if the old tracks were used sparingly, or if enough new tracks had been added in to space them out decently, but they were used for what seemed like 95% of the game.

Sound effects, unfortunately, fell very, very short. Every sound effect was the same, terrible ones that I blasted in my review of the first game, including the unsettling cum sound that burst forth from my speakers when Kashou busted one of his many loads. Nothing ruins a sexy mood more than hearing that “oh God, I’m going to blow up the bathroom” upset stomach sound. Not only that, but the sound effect added into the game for the paizuri scene with Coconut was just as equally bad and unsexy. I don’t know about you, but the sound of a faucet dripping does not evoke the imagery of a sexy, big breasted catgirl dribbling saliva all over a thick cock and rubbing it furiously between her tits.

Overall, Nekopara Volume 2 managed to take the strengths of the first game and improve on them, resulting in an experience that was slightly more entertaining and endearing than its predecessor, while sticking to its sickeningly sweet, adorable romcom roots. The addition of 3D model sprites brought already gorgeous artwork and animations even more to life, and the character development, personalities, and drama of Azuki and Coconut were extremely well done, resulting in plenty of scenes that tug at your heart and dare you not to fall in love with them. For those of you who enjoyed the first volume, you absolutely have to give this title a go.


  • Gorgeous artwork
  • Animated sex scenes and sprites that were improved on using 3D models
  • Absolutely stellar voice acting
  • Endearing characters that grab at your heartstrings


  • Uses same OST and terrible sound effects as Vol 1, and even adds some new, and just as horrible, effects to the game
  • Credulous main character that exhibits no real chemistry with the girls
  • Underutilized its amazing cast of characters by lumping everyone together during scenes
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Art and Graphics


More vanilla sex involving catgirl threesomes. Volume 2 sticks to mostly the same material explored in volume 1, but delves into some slightly kinkier acts such as tit fucking , squirting, and very minor sadomasochistic teasing.

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