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LewdLook: Desire Dungeon

Alternative Title — Hentai Hallway

Desire Dungeon is an erotic RPG developed by Yokubou no Tou and translated by Dargoth and Rogue Translator. The game starts off with an adventurer conversing with an old drunk, who tells him about a dungeon rumored to grant anyone who reached its end whatever they desired. Upon reaching the location of the dungeon, the adventurer finds out that an entire town has been built around it. After exploring the town and talking to the townsfolk, he discovers that the dungeon is filled with monster girls who would rather just suck out the semen of whoever it is that wanders into their home instead of killing them.

Dungeon exploration is very simple, since the dungeon is just a straight corridor with no side passages or mazes. On one hand, this helps streamline the game since you won’t end up getting lost or running into dead ends; but I couldn’t help but feel that, most of the time, I was just walking down an empty hallway instead of a dungeon. Besides random encounters with monsters, you might occasionally find gold, potions, graffiti written on the walls, and a few other surprises.

Battles start off simple, but later require you to keep a close watch on your health and MP.

In the beginning, all you can do during combat is either attack, defend, or retreat. Later on once you get stronger and acquire different equipment, and you can start defeating monsters with Ero attacks in order to learn new skills and abilities (Only the first time will give you a skill, all subsequent Ero defeats will just give you a scene). These skills can range from spells you can cast in and out of battle, to just general buffs for your character. Defeating a monster normally will result in XP, gold, and a treasure chest, which can contain either more gold or unidentified equipment that you’ll need to take back into town before you can use it. Each monster also has their own unique theme song, although a few of them can be grating to listen to.

Defeating enemies with Ero attacks makes them more submissive to the player.

Besides the obvious consequences of losing to a monster girl, losing will both power-up the monster that defeated you and also lower your own level by 1. If you find yourself having difficulty progressing because of constant losses, you can reset all of the monsters levels back to their default strength by visiting the church in town and giving up all of your money. The church will also give you XP when you donate gold to them, so it’s recommended to donate all of your gold before resetting the monsters’ levels.

Losing will make the monster that won stronger, but visiting the church in town can help you revert them to their original power.

Each monster has two different scenes. One for losing (Either through losing all of your HP, or MP) which typically has the monster being the dominant mate, and another for defeating them with Ero attacks, which has the monster be more submissive. Each scene only has one CG associated with it, with slight variations as the scene progresses. The art isn’t anything amazing either, and the quality is a little inconsistent. Still, with there being twelve monster girls in this game, there’s still a decent amount of porn to be found. One thing this game does really well is making the girls feel like actual characters rather than just some random monsters you have to fight in order to proceed. Each girl will remember you whenever they encounter you again, and will often comment on what happened during your last encounter, like if you ran away or beat them with Ero attacks. It’s something I wish more games like this would do since it makes the game world feel more alive. Every girl has their own ending you can get after beating the final boss, and while they are kind of cute, they don’t provide you with any new CGs.

In short, Desire Dungeon is a decent little game with a simple yet challenging combat system, and a generous variety of monster girls to fight. It’s also pretty short, with the game lasting about 3-5 hours from start to finish, so if you’re hoping for something with a bit more length I’d look elsewhere.

For those interested, the game can be found on DLsite and the translation can be found on Dargoth’s Blog.

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