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A new trailer for the upcoming action-shooter Bullet Girls 2 has just been released. The game, published by D3 Publisher, will release for the PS Vita on April 21st in Japan.

Bullet Girls is great for two things – shooting stuff, and thousands of underwear combinations. Only in Japan can you bring these two things together to make an interesting new IP. Said IP has been successful enough to warrant a sequel, Bullet Girls 2, which is due to release in the coming month. Fans of the series may have been following our previous coverage, where we’ve heard a bunch of different announcements regarding this new game.

This week, D3 Publisher released a new trailer for us all to enjoy, which mainly focuses on the core gameplay of Bullet Girls 2. At its heart, Bullet Girls 2 is an action shooter set in a cute anime world with cute anime girls. The game features a number of school-aged leading ladies, each with their own style and personality, as they head out on missions during their spare time. Players will control one of the girls as they take on opposing armies and fight their way to victory.

Of course, the other side of Bullet Girls 2, and likely the side that piques most interest, is the fanservice. Bullet Girls falls very heavily on the pro side of the fence, with a number of aspects to its design that really appeal to ecchi fanatics. For one, the game boasts an amazing 14,000 underwear combinations, so you’ll never be short on something new to see. This plays into the game’s other mechanic: exploding clothes. When a character takes damage, their clothing tears and shreds, revealing their underwear underneath. Marvelous.

The newest trailer shows off a little bit of both elements. Since it mainly focuses on regular gameplay, we don’t get to see any of the supremely naughty “interrogation scenes” that play a key role in Bullet Girls games. We do get a great look at how the game will function however, with it shaping up to be a pretty solid third-person shooter. There’s plenty of cloth-tearing action however, along with a little jiggling, so the trailer is well worth a watch if you’re into the series or just looking for your next time killer.

Bullet Girls 2 will release in Japan on April 21st, though there are unfortunately no plans for a Western counterpart. D3 Publisher do release games in the West however, so it’s not entirely out of the question, but this is one you’ll need to import for the time being. The game is available on both Play-Asia and AmiAmi, so the choice is yours.

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