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Hot Release: Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku

Adult Otome developer Kalmia8 has released a new, tantalizing title named Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku.

Kalmia8, a fairly new developer in the extremely niche and underrepresented genre of 18+ otome games, has released their second title Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku. While there are a few otome titles out there catering to the lewd audience, there are very few that have the production values that Bocchi boasts. It also has an impressive credits list, boasting a couple newcomers, and some heavy hitters in the visual novel and eroge field.

One of the scenario writers for the game, Kazama Bonanza, has a pretty decent list of past projects, including titles such as Flyable Heart -The future has already begun- and its fandisc, Nanatsuiro Drops, Chu x Chu! On The Move ~Kenran Jikuu no Festival~, and Kimi to Boku to no Kishi no Hibi. Character designer and artist Otogi Yougi also boasts an impressive list of past titles, including Cocoro@Function!, Venus Blood -Gaia-, and Clover Day’s. One of the directors, Jinnai, also worked on the fairly well known BL game Luckydog1. 

On the voice acting side, the main character Tachibana Nema is voiced by the incredibly talented Yokote Kumiko (credited in the game as Kaibara Elena), who has an incredibly huge credits list that includes well known characters such as Shiratori Mizuha in G-senjou no Maou, Takahata Oumi in Saya no Uta, Shiina Miyako in Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!, Rakia in the Bunny Black series, and Minamoto Atori in Soukoku no Arterial, just to name a few. The voice actor for Miki, Shirai Yuusuke (credited as Kuroi Yuu) is still a newcomer, but boasts the credit as voicing the protagonist of Eushully’s Kami no Rhapsody, Erballade Hion. Saito’s voice actor Okitsu Kazuyuki (credited as Yotsuya Saida) has a good chunk of titles under his belt, including Kyrie of OZMAFIA!!, Gyl in Will ‘o Wisp, and Narita Shinri of Hello Lady!

With credits like these, there are reasons for both otome and eroge fans to check out this title and give it a try. For your reading pleasure, we have translated quite a bit of the games webpage, as well as some juicy screenshots below.


“I’ll make you into a model!”


The main character has always been a loner since she was a child. Because of her height as a girl and the look in her eyes, everyone around her is always scared off, even if she doesn’t do anything…


Transferring schools didn’t change anything. She figured she’d just deal with the situation and whittle away time until she graduated.


That is, until two certain boys found her.


“She’s exactly what we’re looking for!”


Apparently, her sharp eyes and height could, in fact, be looked upon by the world as fantastic characteristics for modeling. These two boys, a producer and an up-coming producer want to polish her and make her shine to the world…!


-or so their crazy story says. However, being the pessimistic girl she is, she runs away from them.


“…I decline.”


That doesn’t dissuade them, however. They won’t stop trying to produce her. Even if she says no, they’ll never stop. They’ll never stop their forceful producing.
Their first goal is to make a video starring her and show it to the world. How will their producing change her? And what kind of future will be waiting for her after that?
Unfortunately (?) these two hot guys have a plan, and it starts right here, right now! Loner Girl ・ Produce Plan begins!


A girl that’s always pessimistic.

Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku

Tachibana Nema (CV: Kaibara Erena)(Name is changeable and voice can be toggled on or off)

Personality: Pessimistic, Airhead
Height: 173cm (Still growing)
Likes: All animals aside from humans
Dislikes: Her looks, monsters
“…I decline.”
A high school student. She’s naturally 173cm tall. She’s actually very nice, but she has a mean-looking face and emits a dark atmosphere that scares anyone around her. Because of this, she’s been a loner since she was a child. However, she accepted her fate and wants to slowly live out her life in peace and quite by herself.

 A boy that was gifted with a talent for making clothes. A slightly (possibly very?) unfortunate returnee to his own country.
Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku
Hiramzumi Miki (CV: Kuroi Yuu)
Personality: Prince, wholehearted, Masochist
Height: 185cm
Likes: Dolls, fashion
Dislikes: Flirty people
“You’re my muse.”
A high school student. He’s loved making clothes since childhood. However, his father told him to give up that hobby and told him he was too delicate, so they sent him to America to make him soak up some macho man imagery. He didn’t like that life, so he returned to Japan. However, he couldn’t find someone that stimulated his creativity, so he was in a slump. Then, he met his muse, known as the main character, whose talent made his creativity explode.

The producer that leads the team (in his dreams?)

Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku

Shinjou Saito (CV: Yotsuya Saida)

Personality: Perfectionist, Sociable, Sadist
Height: 170cm (Self-measured)
Likes: The camera, the faces of those in pain, idols
Dislikes: All bugs, extravagance
“You don’t have a choice, here.”
A high school student. A great student that doesn’t everything efficiently. He’s always top of the class in grades, and his athletics are great as well. He has lots of friends, and has been popular from a young age. However, he’s troubled by the fact that because he does most things perfectly, he can’t get passionate over anything. This is when he met the main character, and finally sparked an interest in him.


Artists: Otogi Yuugi/Izumi Makoto (SD Art)
Concept: Yamagen
Scenario: Kazama Bonanza/Yamagen
Direction: Jinnai/Yamagen


Opening Video

You can download a demo of the game, and purchase the full, digital version of the game for 3,980¥ (roughly $35.50 USD) from the Japanese DLsiteThe package edition of Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku will go on sale March 25th, 2016, and will be available from several sites, including Getchu, and JP Amazon.

There will also be different special editions of the game being sold through separate stores. Animate will have two special editions; one with an extra drama CD starring Miki on Halloween night, and the other will include the drama CD plus an illustrated tapestry and three pins with the main characters on them. Stella Worth will have one edition with a drama CD starring Saito, involving shooting a commercial video with him, and another edition that will have the CD as well as two illustrated pamphlets.

You can also check out the developer’s site here for more information on the game, as well as check out their previous title. You can also keep up to date on news from the developers on their twitter here.

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  • EroBotan

    idolmaster 18+ version 😀

  • Waifu Engineering

    Yes please more news like this. 18+ otoge intrigue me since the guys always be like “Gangbang when?”

    I’ve had many ideas for visual novels in the past and they’ve always been exploring polyandrous relationships.

    Why not the typical polygynous harem, you might ask? Because while they occur more frequently in history, the protagonist must be some king or sheik to be able to afford such a scenario, and someone that high up is unrelateable to me as a reader. Whereas fraternal polyandry actually is kinda appealing… I mean sure, call me a cuck or whatever but what if you were a poor working class man and you have a brother or best friend and him or his partner offer you sex which would be infinitely more appealing than going by yourself to a hooker because its safer and you like and trust them.

    Also if you look at most rape doujin they’re essentially forced polyandrous relationships — yeah, all those faceless men and disembodied dicks. Once again tied to a generally lower socio-economic level dystopian scenario, one that I like.

    But if those multiple guys are friendly to the girl and are bros with each other, they can generate entertaining banter and you’re looking at two or more dudes who are cool and laid back and get that comfy feeling, even if you’re a heterosexual male player.

  • Axle Red

    It’s like one of my mind break gangrape doujin only with hot guy instead of faceless old men