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Street Fighter V Nude Mods Making Headway

It has just been a month since arguably the world’s most popular fighting game launched worldwide, but we can already say we have the first high-quality Street Fighter V nude mods on our hands.

To be precise, we have the first high-quality nude of the curvaceous thigh goddess Chun-Li, a shirtless, sweaty and patched up mod of Nash, and an incredibly alluring bikini mod for Laura complimenting her Brazilian heritage.

The first mod, and without a shadow of a doubt, the most titillating out of the three is the Chun-Li nude mod by maliwei777. The mod uses Chun-Li’s Battle Costume as the core of the design, but instead of seeing her beautifully woven Chinese dress, we get to experience her fully naked form including detailed breasts and vagina. The mod can be downloaded by following this link, but before you do that check out some samples screenshots as well.

The second modification takes the mysterious and very undead Nash, removes his glasses (what a shame!), upper wear and his Frankenstein’s monster patches to make him more presentable and accentuating his pretty boy looks at the same time. Of course, the mod Steamy Nash by fatihG_ doesn’t just earn its name from these few changes. Nash has now received a glistening coat of sweat running all over his chiseled muscles to make him look as if he’s just finished an intense workout. Steamy Nash can now be downloaded from here. Once again, we have prepared a few sample screenshots of the mod for your ogling pleasure.

The last mod for today put Laura in more “free-form” version costume as compared to her default one. The Bikini Laura mod by TerryXX, as the name suggests, puts the Brazilian beauty in a very revealing bikini that must stay on her body due to some miraculous event. Not something you would want to wear during a fight if you don’t want your naughty bits slipping out for everyone to see. Laura certainly doesn’t care and neither should you – just enjoy the show and download the mod from here.

You may also be wondering how to implement these babies onto your PC copy of Street Fighter V. Do not worry, we have you covered. SFxT Mods forums user hecz has compiled several guides on Street Fighter V modding and put them all in one thread. The section you are looking for in the first post is the “How to use ModManager” one that introduces a very handy and user-friendly tool to install simple texture mods. Be sure to follow the step-by-step guide and in no time at all you will be enjoying a much sexier Street Fighter V.

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