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[UPDATE] Starlight Vega to Go Live on Steam March 22nd

Indie game developer RazzartVisual has just announced the Steam release date of yuri visual novel Starlight Vega – March 22nd of this year.

[UPDATE 03/21/16] Razz, the developer and artist behind Starlight Vega has announced on Twitter that the game will not meet its 22nd March release date. The new release date is currently pending.

Starlight Vega Update


Starlight Vega, to be published by well-known publisher Sekai Project, is a romance visual novel centered on the yuri relationships between Aria, the protagonist, her childhood friend Melody, and the demon girls Lyria and Scherza in a fantasy romp full of lewd girl-on-girl scenes:

After the death of her eccentric grandfather, Aria and her mother decide to move into his estate in order to save money. It’s an old house covered in dust, bereft of even electricity, and from the moment they arrive Aria knows that something is wrong.

Despite the assurances of her best friend Melody, Aria begins cleaning the old house while looking over her shoulder, worried about the eerie voices she keeps hearing. In order to distract herself, Aria cautiously moves from room to room, until she finds a door unlike any other within the house.

Against her better judgment, Aria opens the door, only to find the seemingly harmless study of her late grandfather. Aside from being filled with books written in indecipherable languages, Aria breathes a sigh of relief as she convinces herself that nothing is out of the ordinary.

Or so it seems, until night falls.

Within the study Aria finds a gem, and the moment she touches it, trouble arrives. A demon named Lyria has been freed by Aria’s touch, and consequently become bound to Aria.

Now Aria, an ordinary high school girl, must find a way to free herself from Lyria, who seems to crave the exact opposite. Add to that the increasingly realistic dreams plaguing Aria, the sexual tension between Aria and a select few girls around her, and the supernatural phenomena – it seems like Aria’s life will never be the same again.


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The novel will include multiple choices and up to six endings, a route for each girl, full-color CGs, and an original soundtrack. Here are the announced features directly from the Steam page:


  • Three Yuri(GirlxGirl) Romance Routes!
  • Multiple Endings!
  • (Including a Harem end)
  • Professional Soundtrack!
  • Choices determine your romance path
  • And much more!


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Starlight Vega will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux, so you won’t miss the yuri goodness no matter how obscure your OS is. A demo is available for those of you inclined to try before you buy, as well as a trailer for your viewing pleasure:

You can check out RazzartVisual’s official site here. Though the Kickstarter has long since been funded, you can still gain access to backer rewards by donating through PayPal before the game officially releases. Besides digital goodies, backer rewards include a physical artbook and a physical OST CD, if you’re interested in collectibles.

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