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Indie Title Demoniaca Now on Kickstarter

Taking cues from both Castlevania and King of Fighters, new indie game Demoniaca seeks to create a classic experience in a gothic setting. The project is currently seeking €15,000 on Kickstarter.

There’s always room in modern gaming for more classically minded titles. If recent developments in the industry are anything to go by, it’s that a lot of our games are missing that spark. We’ve lost a number of classic series to big business, now a shell of their former selves. While these games might not be as great as they once were, their former glory has certainly inspired a new generation of similar titles. One such game, which hopes to recapture the essence classic gaming, is Mnemosyne’s Demoniaca.

Demoniaca has set its sights on being the next great action platformer. Taking a leaflet from the books of both Castlevania and King of Fighters, Demoniaca will combine these two legendary series to create a wholly new experience. With the gothic setting of Castlevania and a number fighting mechanics, Demoniaca will take players on an adventure through a violent world, fending off hoards of demonic enemies as they progress.

demoniaca 1

With its pixel-art aesthetic, Demoniaca certainly looks the part. The game will follow an as of yet unnamed female protagonist, who has been left for dead when a group of ancestral demons raze her home to the ground. She awakens to discover everything she ever knew gone, and is more shocked to find herself still alive. Using her newfound ability to escape death, our heroine pulls herself together (quite literally) and sets off to avenge her family.

Along with the Castlevania-esque theme, Demoniaca also incorporates deeper fighting mechanics into its core. Players will slog their way through enemies, using a variety of different attacks to get the job done. This will include combo attacks familiar to every fighting game fan, with a number of options available to skilled players. Should the developers hit their stretch goals, even more will be on offer, with the introduction of three additional special moves to kick things up a gear.

demoniaca 2

Of course, Demoniaca isn’t all violence and demons. The creators are aiming to include sexual themes in the game, with the development team creating both a standard and uncensored version. The uncensored version will contain nudity and sexually explicit content, and is intended for adults only. One stretch goal, in particular, seeks to add an additional sex scene, which implies that there are already some to begin with. Should the team really hit the big time, Mnemosyne want to ramp things up and include even more sexual content.

If you want to check out Demoniaca for yourself, you’ll find the ongoing Kickstarter campaign right here. The project still has 32 days to go, and is currently sitting at 10% funding. The developers hope to receive €15,000 by the end of their campaign though there are a number of stretch goals reaching into the €100,000 range. You can also check out director Aki’s personal page to see some credentials, and if you feel like lending your support, there are a number of rewards still available. Check out the trailer below!

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  • eltonBorges

    They might want to re-do those sprites. They really looked like they were ripped right from KOF!

    • DDD-kun

      They are, far as I can tell. Straight from the NESTs saga.

    • Fenrir007

      That and not lift up attacks directly from KOF as well.

  • Godmars

    Yeah, there needs to be a 2D DMC.

  • Atmey

    Reminds me of Valdis story, where it has both from a fighting game and metroidvania.

  • TitanAnteus

    They’re using edited KOF sprites to make the game? I hope they don’t come into a lawsuit. If that’s the skill of the artist though, I’m kind of scared as to what the ERO’s going to look like.

  • Dudes, get over and support this game!