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Sangoku Musou Wang Yuanji Tragedy Featured

[UPDATE] Hentai Action RPG Sangoku Musou Wang Yuanji Comes Out March

The Singaporean developer Red Dragonfly will be releasing a new 3D hentai action RPG, titled Sangoku Musou Wang Yuanji Tragedy, at the end of March.

Red Dragonfly, previously known for such game titles like Pandemonium: Slash Princess Sakura and 3D hentai animations My Little Sister Can’t Be This Easily Corrupted and The Post-R*pe Eccentricity of Haruhi S*zumiya, has announced he will be releasing a new 3D action RPG at the end of March. Red Dragonfly has posted a comprehensive list of features the new title will have on his official blog, which you can read right here thanks to our translation efforts.

– Realtime H 3D ARPG. This is a high-level Realtime H 3D Action RPG. Using the latest technology, it will have features like clothes that move and an advanced battle engine.

– It will have a full 3D open world that you can move around freely. It will have a high level of freedom, natural lighting, and allow for battles that can’t be enjoyed in 2D form. Using 8 new next-gen scenery designs for reference, including scenery from “The Witcher 3”, the world itself should be beautiful.

– Evolved feeling of striking the enemy. Overflowing with intensity, the type of fights you’ll experience will be the close-quarters, body-on-body kind. You’ll be able to combine various abilities to completely vanquish monsters.

– Ragdoll system: this new system will allow a heroine’s attacks to blow a dead enemy in a certain direction. There are plenty of tentacle monsters too, so there should be quite a bit of fun when you kill those.

– Real Time System: Your clothes and hair styles will be simulated in real time, which should allow for even more enjoyable sex scenes.There will also be many costumes. You can equip different ones at any time. You get your clothes by defeating monsters. There are many different outfits, which allow for many different combinations of sex scenes.

– Many different monsters and sex scenes are in the game as well. There are over 50 types of monsters and 100 types of sex scenes. You can have many different types of sex in many different places.

– The game will be made using Unity3D, so please make sure to check the recommended system specs.

– Warning: Before purchasing, please make absolutely sure to try the trail version. This version allows you to check and see if the game will run on your PC.

-Recommended Specs:

Windows 7; 10 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i3 or above
RAM: 4GB or above
Resolution: 1280×720 or above
GPU: nVIDIA GTX 560, Intel Graphic HD 4400 or above
Storage: 5GB or above storage available

Expected Performance by GPU:

Surface Pro3 (Intel Graphic HD 4400): 1280x720p 10-20FPS
Surface Pro4 (Intel Graphic HD 520) 15-25FPS
nVIDIA GTX 560: 1920x1080p 30FPS
nVIDIA GTX 750ti: 1920x1080p 30-60FPS
nVIDIA GTX 750ti: 3840x2160p 30FPS

*Costume bugs may occur in Windows 7 32bit. We recommend a 64 bit OS.

Sangoku Musou Wang Yuanji Tragedy 01

At the beginning of March, Red Dragonfly also posted a small trailer demonstrating some of the game’s features, including dynamic combat, character animations and lots of sex scenes. Check it out!

[UPDATE 03/18/2016] The game can now be purchased over the Japanese version of DLsite for 2,376 yen. A free trial version can also be found by following this link[/UPDATE]

[UPDATE 03/18/2016] English DLsite link has also been added [/UPDATE]

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  • Visci

    That title sounds like it’s based on Dynasty Warriors, but that doesn’t quite seem to be the case. At least, the main character doesn’t look like DW’s version of Wang Yuanji (even if she’s blonde too).

    • Testy

      Might be a fan work of the original RoTK instead of basing on DW.

  • AJ

    WTF? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Hiecchi

    where is the link for the demo?

    • ZenithTheOne

      There is no demo until the game appears on DLSite. When it does, we will update the article.

  • Viola Raccoon


  • scemar

    Looks like a mix of those highly modded sexual oblivion versions with those nice korean mmo character designs
    Very nice

  • edwards21

    Um, Yuanji’s moveset is throwing knives, last I checked. It looks like they gave her Cao Pi’s DW8 weapon for some reason? And why isn’t she wearing blue!?

    Yes, I’m a Dynasty Warriors nutball.

    Seriously, this just feels weird to me.

    • Atmey

      DW are based on the novel: romance of the three kingdoms, which is based on real time events, each add a layer of fiction of changes, far as we know, she could have never even fought. There are other versions like Koihime mosou, same goes for japanese warefare.

      Anyway, as for the character/3d model, I think it’s easier and faster to use a ready model and move set than creating everything from scratch.

      • edwards21

        Very well aware of all of that. My… frustration, however played for humor, stems from the fact that this game namechecks Sangoku Musou. Shin Sangoku Musou is Dynasty Warriors’ Japanese name.

        As far as Luo Guanzhong’s novel is concerned, the only woman to have fought is Zhu Rong, wife of Nanman king Meng Huo. I believe she managed to defeat a couple of Shu’s low-ranking officers before Zhao Yun took her down.

        Obviously this is a creation of the Romance of the Three Kings novel, since there’s no historical record to say that Zhu Rong ever fought, or possibly even existed.

  • Waifu Engineering

    Oh my.
    What will the Media Development Authority think of this?

    We are getting AAA 3D H RPGs very soon! Just in time since I’ve decided not to buy a console anymore, why bother when the waifu age is pioneered on PC!

  • 01suJ

    Looks like my computer is going to be needing an upgrade.

  • Shen
  • I gave this a try. What LG didn’t mention is that the game is tri-lingual. Yes, the game is fully English-translated. I was expecting it to be JP-only, so that was a pleasant surprise.

    Gameplay: The combat is… OK. You have a single sword combo and some special moves on short cooldowns–and that’s it. Very simplistic. The leveling system is equally spartan. You get gold from defeating enemies which you use to increase stats and skill modifiers in linear increments. Attack strength is increased mainly by collecting weapons that randomly drop from enemies. Attack strength is simply the sum of the attack value of all weapons collected, including repeats. Your character is more or less as strong as the number and power of weapons you’ve collected. There’s zero strategy or skill involved as dodging is neither easy nor necessary. I ended up powering up a skill that greatly increases attack speed for 4s on a 10s cooldown, which trivializes all encounters including bosses. There’s no penalty for “dying” other than a short animation delay; your HP is replenished to full and you rise back up, making the HP bar essentially meaningless.

    World Design / Stages: This is an empty, empty world. Mob groups spawn constantly around you, often right on top of you too. There’s treasure chests scattered around but literally no reason to go hunting for them. There’s no reason to explore. You’ll find yourself wandering from point A to point B as the in-game map can’t be displayed while moving, nor is there a compass to orient yourself with.

    Story: What little dialogue there is in a faded text that’s barely readable, the dialogues do not pause combat, and the timing of the unspoken bits is way off causing them to disappear before they can even be read. The combination of these factors make the dialogue almost impossible to follow even if you’re trying. What little I did manage to make out was completely forgettable. The protagonist is fully voiced in JP, but overall there’s literally nothing of value in this game story-wise.

    Sex: This is really the game’s only redeeming factor. Each map/stage features 5 or so leader-type mobs each with 2 or so positions. A sex cut-in is triggered by the heroine getting hit with a stun special attack. You have until the mob approaches to undaze yourself by repeatedly pressing the space key, otherwise you’re treated to a looping rape animation along with some sexy moans. The new creature types, and thus new sex animations, that unlock with each new stage are more or less the entire incentive for progression. Enemies also randomly drop costumes to add variety to exploration and sex scenes. There’s also a few different presets for heroine face and hairstyle, allowing a tiny bit of customization (but not much).

    Overall: The game is more or less a sex sim with gameplay shoehorned into it. The sex is good (though generic and repetitive), the female protagonist is hot… and that’s about all this game has going for it. The lack of story means the sex has no context at all, which may turn off traditional eroge fans. Defeat rape is admittedly much less satisfying when it’s devoid of context and therefore emotion. Even the bosses are throwaway figures with no characterization. I’ve never been fond of sprite-sex games, and this game is more or less the same idea except in 3D. While initially hot, such games quickly grow tedious, and this game is no different.

  • Ash

    It is actually illegal to produce pornographic content here in Singapore.

    “Pornographic material includes any forms of media, such as books, films and digital files, showing obscene or sexual behaviour.

    It is against the law to keep, distribute or sell pornographic materials, under the Undesirable Publications Act, as well as section 292 of the Penal Code. It is also against the law to keep, distribute or sell pornographic films under sections 29 and 30 of the Films Act.”

    This includes producing and selling hentai content like what Red Dragonfly is doing.

    • sirmichaelvalentine

      no one cares if you dont like it go somewheres else