If you build it, they will cum

The genre of boy’s love, where two beautiful men meet and hopefully caress each others bodies, is one that is sadly very sparse in the current English market.

Luckily, it seems like slowly but surely, this niche within a niche genre is finally starting to get a little bit of love. Today we’ll be taking a look at the demo of Seiyuu Danshi, a boy’s love game that is currently under development by Meyaoi Games that we’ve previously covered.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Seiyuu Danshi is about a newbie voice actor looking to make it big and win the Seiyuu Award in order to avoid being fired. The game is very much a dating sim, with most of your time spent exploring the city to make money, improve your stats, and meeting and wooing the men you come across. According to the developer, it will be open enough that, if you so chose, you could play the game in its entirety without ever dating any of the guys. Although as to why you’d want to play a BL dating sim and not go after a hot guy is a question to be pondered.

The game starts off with you allowing to name your character then proceeds to quickly introduce you to your new boss, and a potential interest, Toshiyuki. He informs you due to the fact that you have not done a voice acting gig in a year and your penchant for skipping VA school, that if you do not get your act together and win the Seiyuu Award by the end of the year he will, unfortunately, have to fire you from the agency. Thus, the main character reluctantly agrees to get his act together and start trying to get gigs as well as attend school. While you’re automatically forced to attend school at the beginning of each day in the demo, whether or not you put any effort into finding jobs and improving your stats is entirely up to you as the player. You will have to make money in some way, though, since if you don’t pay your rent, your landlord informs you that he’ll have to kick you out.

The demo covers about the first two weeks of the game, and you can choose to explore some areas of the town, stalk your boss, pick up your first VA gig, improve your stats, etc. While a lot of the areas in the town are not available in the demo, you can still get a pretty good idea on the overall mechanics and play style of the game – including the dating mechanic. However, you’re stuck exclusively with Toshiyuki since you don’t meet any other potential interests until the end of the demo.

While at home, you have a few options on what to do, including calling someone or using your trusty computer. Using your computer opens up a slew of other options that have various effects. You can search your name online to see if people are talking about you online, watch porn to decrease your stress levels or a few other options that you can see in the screenshot above that boost various stats. One thing to note about the watch porn option is that the demo is “SFW” and as such, you do not see anything with this option just yet; when you click it, you get informed that while this edition is SFW and there will be an animation for this in the final edition, you’ll need to use your imagination for now.

Speaking of sexy times, if you couldn’t tell from my comment on the porn watching option, there is no sex featured in the current demo of the game. I got in touch with one of the ladies over at Meyaoi and asked for specific clarification on the sex content that’s going to be contained in the final version, and this was what I was told:

There will be 2 types of sex scenes that you can encounter inside the game: the ordinary kind and the special kind. The ordinary kind of sex is one that features more ordinary sex and can be triggered every weekend. If you play the demo, you should be aware that the character can invite the guys on a daytime date every weekend. If you are already at close enough relationship with the guy, you can invite him to hotels on weekends and do the deed. This is where the foreplay mode comes. The scene will end with a generic chibi animation of the sex scenes. The special kind of sex is the one where you get to see pretty CGs and there will be usual narration that you often see in other VNs. This scene can only be triggered during special time such as a certain date (birthday events), certain affection level, or certain timing (date event during certain day)


While I didn’t come across any CGs during the demo, the sprites, backgrounds, and chibi scenes are fairly well done. According to the team, the backgrounds currently used are from premade background packs that they purchased. Although thanks to the funds gained so far from their Kickstarter, they will be hiring someone to create custom made backgrounds, which should hopefully boost the overall art and look of the game. According to the campaign, the sprites will also be redone and replaced in the final version by a new artist.

The music is pretty decent as well. The demo features cute, upbeat, and somewhat silly tracks that fit the overall feel of the game and the main character during the demo. Currently, the game uses royalty-free music, however, like many of the other technical aspects of the game, they will be hiring someone to create some custom BGM for the game. Another thing to mention is that the demo has no voice acting, but due to the stretch goal being reached, the final version will include voices.

Overall, the demo is enough to help you decide whether or not it’s a title that will interest you come final release. Just keep in mind that this is a very, very alpha version of the game. It does, however, show pretty good promise in being a cute, interesting dating sim, and I for one will be looking forward to seeing the polished version of the game.

For more information on the game, characters, and campaign, as well as check out the game’s demo, head on over to the Seiyuu Danshi Kickstarter page and take a look. You can also reach out to the developers and follow the games development progress on their Twitter  and blog.

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