If you build it, they will cum

New nude mods for Pearl Abyss’ MMORPG Black Desert Online are springing up like sexy mushrooms after a rainy season. Mixing it up a bit, we now also have sexy clothing mods to go along with them.

We didn’t have to wait long at all for a new batch of competent mods to come out for the recent released (in NA/EU) Black Desert Online. Just the other week, we reported on a new nude mod for the game by Undertow.club user Corophono. Now, several other members of the forum’s modding community have decided to do some work on Corophono’s creation.

The first modder, going by the online handle PrincessNicky, has created a mod that takes into account the minimum durability versions of equipment found in Black Desert Online. This in-game feature allowed him to create sexy looking clothes.

This differs from other work by replacing all costumes and armors in the game with the minimum durability version rather than making all of them nude. The costumes can then be reverse-modified to appear similar to the undamaged ones and then modded again to make nice sexy ones.

This method allows for one or more costumes to be made into nudes if desired, or partial nudes, or just more sexy.

The download links and installation instructions for the modification can be found by venturing into this particular Undertow.club thread. We have also prepared a few sample screenshots of the mod in action.

The next mod, courtesy of fellow Undertow.club member PufferFish, improves on the Black Desert Online pre-production textures used previously by Cerophono. PufferFish has modified the said textures to include better and higher resolution genitals to the female models. As with the first mod mentioned with this article, the download links and installation instructions can be found in this Undertow.club thread. Naturally, we’ve prepared sample screenshots of PufferFish’s work as well.

The last mod we would like you to set your thirsting gazes upon improves even further on the designs of the other two modders. Undertow user Joku  has prepared a texture mod providing realistic looking nipples, a more detailed vagina, pubic her and cute butthole for those that like to travel deeper in their exploration of the female form. As with the other two mods, the download links and installation instructions can be found in Joku’s thread. Once again, you can check out examples of his work right here.

We will continue our coverage of titillating Black Desert Online mods and provide you with more high-quality material as soon as something catches our eye. Stay tuned for more!

The digital European and North American versions of Black Desert Online can now be purchased here on the game’s official website.

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