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The second episode to Ienai Koto, a hentai story of blackmail and rape, has recently hit the air.

Mina Hayakawa has been acting very strange lately, always looking dreary and always arriving home late. For Rena Hayakawa, as her big sister and as the schoolteacher, it’s her duty to find out what’s wrong. In the previous episode, after school, Rena tails Mina and sees her entering an apartment building. She follows her into the door and finds her precious sister taking a dick, blindfolded, and being videotaped by two men. Upon confronting the men, much to Rena’s surprise, Mina is being blackmailed with photographic evidence the men have of her shoplifting. Both sisters end up as playthings for the men in an desperate attempt to keep their reputation intact.

For episode two, Mina is absent, and the blackmail continues solely for Rena. It starts off with Rena visiting a Japanese-style inn. After passing out from drinking too much, she regains consciousness to find two men groping and toying with her body. In a room where there are other people sleeping, she does her best to remain as quiet as possible. One guy fondles her breasts, while the other gives her the dick. It’s a short scene, but they have quite a bit of fun with her in that time.

The other sex scene in this episode takes place at the inn’s indoor onsen. This is more of the meat of the episode, as it takes up more than half of the episode’s runtime. Hoping to get cleaned up after the previous scene, Rena is approached again by another man – her co-worker – who is also blackmailing her. Starting off with paizuri and a blowjob, it’s not long before Rena is bent over in the side of the bath with the guy fucking her from behind. They go through various different positions, and it ends with the guy giving her a creampie as he finishes, leaving her to lay there as his semen slowly oozes out. If blackmail is the type of stuff that gets you going, Ienai Koto may be right up your alley.

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