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Rape Games and Censorship In Sweden

Edgelords from days gone by...

Video game porn has come a long way from its early days as a medium. It’s also gone into many different directions, for better or worse and Rape Games definitely serves as a good example.

We’re all familiar with the usual stuff of the past: The myriad of Atari games that consisted of sex and porn as some strange, comedic form of interactive entertainment, for example: shooting jizz into the waiting mouths of these pixel people because “haha, jizz!” Others consisted of strip games where the winner eventually got to see a naked and well-endowed lady staring seductively at them. Most of the time it was just a crude, adult form of entertainment than it was for arousal; I mean, who is getting aroused at a game like Beat Em & Eat Em?


Not even a little bit…

Every porn medium has its own underbelly; a crusty area that seems disturbing to even the most seasoned pervert. What may be thrilling to one may be boring to another, or even just downright horrible. What I’ve spent this long preamble on may be pretty disturbing for many on two levels: One being how terrible it is and the other being how crude it is. Yet, it exists, and even with the repulsion it may inspire it may get a chuckle or two for how downright ridiculous it is. The game in question is simply titled: Rape Games.


The Amiga version features a hefty cock being mutilated by a knife.

Rape Games is an unlicensed 90s SNES game ported from the Amiga. The SNES game is essentially the same as the Amiga game developed by The Round Circle/Smegma Soft, albeit with different credits, intermission and title screens. The only other notable differences are that the Amiga game has a few more sounds and some interesting scribbles of text from the developers, which may give some clue as to where their heads were when they made this (It’s pure vintage shitposting and degeneracy). For one, they seem to be rather obsessed with this “Maggan” person as they mention her a few times. Another issue is that they seem to have more programming skills than they do spelling skills, misspelling several words in the intermission and credits screens. The concerned reader may cry: “Who cares about their inability to spell and their infatuation with ‘Maggan’, what’s the deal with this game?”


The SNES version is pretty much the same, except it doesn’t mention a “Maggan” anywhere.

As a game, there’s not a whole lot to it. There are three sections of mini-games that are as simple as wiggling your joystick left and right a whole lot really fast. Think of a slow-as-molasses WarioWare game made by sickos. The first game, titled “The Gays”, features three freakish looking men in a threesome: One brandishing a whip, the other with his feet on a keyboard and a person in the middle servicing both people. It’s rather cartoonish and gross looking, with an aesthetic that I would compare to the box art for Custer’s Revenge. When you swing backwards, one of them shouts “HIT ME!”, and when you actually hit them, the person starts yodeling. It’s weird, but it’s not the absolute kicker to this bizarre amalgamation of data. The goal is to wiggle the joystick and make them climax before time runs out. When you win, you’ll be congratulated with an intermission screen and sent to the next game. The second game, titled “Lick It”, has you making a man perform cunnilingus on a curly-haired woman. She moans and fidgets about until you fill the orgasm meter. When the meter is filled, you are then greeted with the sound effect of someone throwing up.

The third game, however, is the most disturbing and the crux of Rape Games. In this game, titled “Big Dick”, you are tasked with making the curly-haired woman masturbate a gross looking man in a gimp mask. The man in the gimp mask is holding a meat cleaver whilst the woman appears to be sitting on a strange object on a box labled “CENCUR”. It’s pretty obvious what’s likely to happen when you “win”, but it isn’t any less surprising when it actually happens. Upon winning, the executioner swings his cleaver and cuts the woman’s face off whilst a small clip of some strange music plays. After that, you’re presented with two final screens congratulating you for managing to get “global satisfaction” and credits to “The Round Circle” for the original Amiga game and “Gaston” for the SNES port. The gameplay is pretty much terrible, and would only be worth a playthrough for those who are morbidly curious. Even then, it’s suggested that one stick to the SNES version as the amiga version is quite hard to beat. As a side note, I seriously thought “cencur” was a mispelling of “cancer“, but apparently it isn’t.


“Ey b0ss, I habe de cencur.”

To the average soul who happens upon this game, one may just see a rather gruesome and disturbing hunk of trash. However, we at LewdGamer like to dig a bit deeper and see what exactly is going on, as there seemed to be more going on than a simple shitpost in the form of a really bad game. As it turns out, there is more to it when one looks through the Amiga version of the game. For starters, two particular, important names show up in it: Margareta “Maggan” Persson and “Datormagazin”. The former being a former Swedish politician who had been a member of the Riksdag since 1994 and a member of the Children’s Environmental Council who passed away just March of this year. Meanwhile, the latter name is that of a monthly magazine established in 1986 that focused on the Commodore 64, 128 and Amiga. Apparently, in 1988, she sat down with Datormagazin to discuss matters of censorship and violence in video games. Looking at the cover of the magazine’s April 1988 issue reveals a familiar looking, curly-haired woman at the bottom left-hand corner. Alongside her picture is text saying “Stoppa karatespel” or “stop karate games.” At most, she was able to get retailers to remove plastic shuriken (throwing stars) from the packaging of the game Last Ninja 2 before it was sold to consumers. According to a Swedish newspaper article written by Lennart Nilsson in 1988 and translated by Jimmy Willhelmsson of the website in 2015, she wanted to stop the sale of violent video games, and even movies, entirely. She didn’t seem to get that far, however, as no real laws had been passed even with her campaigning. Perhaps she would have had some success if she had seen something like Rape Games.


If Margareta had seen this shit, Sweden would probably be a completely different place.

However, Margareta would probably have never noticed this game, as she had very little (if any) knowledge of video games in that particular era. Even with that being the case, games like these got very little attention back in the day, and their distribution was incredibly limited. According to that same news article, “The member of parliament does not know any titles of games she would like to prohibit by a new law. Neither has she played any herself, but she has seen them.” It might seem quite familiar to gamers in the United States, as gamers have dealt with a few antagonistic figures calling for censorship of video games over the years; opposing figures that had either not played the games and/or at the very least had only cursory knowledge of them. The major difference being that Margareta was a member of Parliament, whereas the opposing individuals in the U.S. are regular people who allege themselves to be activists or pop culture critics. Another factor is that games like these didn’t necessarily get any real attention.

From the evidence presented in the Amiga game, one can deduce that this game is clearly a harsh reaction to Margareta’s stance on censoring video games, a protest that went as far as creating a pixelated version of her and chopping her face off. It seems to be a common element to the typical protest to censorship that for every eloquent and well-thought-out argument against something, there will always be at least one (or several) people shitposting with a big, crude, misspelt “fuck you!” at the ready, regardless of how detrimental it may be to a particular cause. In the hall of game controversies, it’s interesting that this didn’t really make history, possibly due to the fact that it was an Amiga game that was inspired by a politician in Sweden made by some edgelord geeks. It apparently didn’t even get the attention of Datormagazin, which is funny because the game basically states at the title screen: “This game was made by The Round Circle for Datormagazin to prove that rape games really exists” (sic). As it stands, this game is only murmured among a few obscure internet forums. As of this writing, no other noteworthy publication has mentioned this game in any capacity.

For those that dare to see the madness that is Rape Games, the SNES version can be found with a bit of searching, as it is a public domain ROM. The Amiga version is less common, but can still be found with a few keywords.

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On behalf of LewdGamer, I would also like to thank Jimmy Wilhelmsson of the website (Swedish language site) for assisting with information and translation. Without him, this article would not have gone as far as it did. Jimmy is also promoting a book called “Generation 64”, which is described as: “A coffee table book about the young Swedes who grew up with the Commodore 64 and shaped the Swedish IT and gaming wonder that we now can see everywhere, from Minecraft to Spotify and King. The book is currently being translated into English, and you can find more information about it here:”

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