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Stardew Valley Mod Adds Sexy Portraits

A recently released mod for Stardew Valley adds new, sexier portraits to the game. The mod, created by AirplaneRandy, comes in various flavours, from buxom to fully nude.

If you loved Starbound, you may have heard of Stardew Valley. Inspired by the sleepy Harvest Moon series, Stardew Valley sets players up with their own farm to take care of. Given their own plot of land and small house, players must work the land, taking it from a once run down plot to a fruitful business. Stardew Valley plays mostly like an RPG, with players tending and managing to their resources.

The mod in question, which came out Saturday, makes a few changes to the game’s NPCs. Normally, when you strike up a conversation with one, their portrait will appear, as is commonplace in many games these days. Ordinarily these are quite tame, but a new mod by user AirplaneRandy mixes things up a little, and swaps out their ordinary appearance for a much racier one.

The mod comes in a few different varieties, swapping out the original portraits for more busty versions. It’s clear a lot of work has gone into these, as AirplaneRandy has made multiple versions for different characters. The safest version, known as the “Revealing Cleavage Mod” simply pumps up the girl’s chest to a more saucy level, while retaining most of their character. It only gets more fun from here.

The second in AirplaneRandy’s list of cleavage enhancers, is the “Buxom Cleavage” mod, which takes a leaf from the Victorian era when grand corsets and bustiers were the trend. The mod greatly increases the chest size of the girls, now sticking more prominently up from the bottom of their portrait. AirplaneRandy has also done some “Redux” versions of the mod, which alter different aspects of the girls. The “Gothic Abigail” redux, for example, swaps out her original cyberpunk aesthetic for a sheer top and cross choker.

Of course, this wouldn’t be good enough without an even raunchier version. Uploaded to Nexusmods, this particular version of the mods strips the lovely ladies of Stardew Valley down to their bare assets. The mod, known as the “Buxom Cleavage Fully Nude Edition”, does pretty much what it says on the tin. The fully nude version of the mod retains the inflated chest from the original Buxom Cleavage mod, but removes all clothing from it. What’s left is a cheeky, suggestive nip slip rising from the bottom of the screen.

If you want to get your hands on these mods to spice up your own copy of Stardew Valley, you can find the clothed versions on the Stardew Valley forums , and the fully nude version over at Nexus Mods. Installation instructions are available on the forum post, though it’s as simple as replacing a file within the Portraits folder for Stardew Valley. Head on over to either of these locations for a good look, and upgrade your copy of Stardew Valley today.

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