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Amakano Episode 2 Releases

Are you getting a little tired of seeing orcs tag-teaming girls? Bored of watching the same old story of the guy that goes out raping every girl at his school?

Want something a little more down-to-earth and vanilla? If so, Amakano is your show. Based on the visual novel developed by Azarashi Soft, this anime will illustrate the relationship between one of the three girls you can choose from. Amakano is as vanilla as it gets, but not in a bad way. It’s sweet and endearing. Depicting a love story between two characters as it unfolds in front of you. We are shown their relationship, well as much as can be demonstrated with a single episode, including the passionate, consensual sex. Which, right after Euphoria came out, might be just what some of us need.

In this episode, we see our main character Yuuki’s relationship with beautiful redhead, Koharu Hoshikawa. There isn’t much story to be had here, its plain and straightforward. It starts off with the two of them outside taking a stroll through the park together. After talking (and flirting) for a bit, one thing leads to another, and we end up back at their house – specifically the bathroom, in a romantic scene starting with the two in the bath. After some talking and a bit of playfulness in the tub, the two hop out for some foreplay and a bit of steamy, bathroom sex.

The second sex scene starts off more romantic; Koharu has three chocolates laid atop her breasts, which she asks Yuuki to eat off her bosom. (I know, best girlfriend ever right?) After eating his chocolate – groping and teasing along the way – he goes down on her. She then returns the favor with a soft, sensual titfuck. There’s a bit more, but I can’t give it all away. Everything in this show is very sensual, lots of kissing, and a decent amount of romantic foreplay. If you are looking for a very vanilla hentai with two lovers going at it, look no further than Amakano.

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