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Pearl Abyss’ hit MMORPG Black Desert Online, which recently released in North America and Europe, has received a beautifying nude mod treatment.

It has only been a few days since the Korean developer’s action-focused MMORPG Black Desert Online has graced the shores of North America and Europe, but there are already nude mods being developed for it at full cruising speed. What we love about the modding community is that they’re incredibly quick to react to new game releases that feature both high-quality male and female models. Black Desert Online’s models and character creator are arguably some of the best the industry has seen yet. Not only are players able to create almost photorealistic looking beauties and hunks, but they are also given the option to dress their creations up in sexy lingerie. The kind of erotic underwear the characters can wear in Black Desert Online by default almost puts to shame clothing mods added to other games like Fallout 4. Did we also mention the game also has some neat breast jiggle physics as the icing on this supple, succulent cake? Those puppies must be made of jelly, ’cause jam don’t shake like that.

All that praise for Black Desert’s models aside, let’s move to what you are really here for – naked bodies.

The user known as Cerophono  has created a simple, but efficient and easy to use game modification that allows the player to remove all female armor all the way down to the nude. This, especially when combined with a DirectX 11 texture replacer by fellow Undertow user Ray Wing, allows you to get your female characters looking as gorgeous as nature created them. Cerophono has, of course, made a lot of these nude textures available over at his thread on Undertow. A fun fact about a few of them is that they were originally used in the game’s production, as Cerophono claims, but were later removed in production. Think of them as (un)official nudity sponsored by the game’s devs themselves. As always, we’ve prepared a few sample screenshots of the silky smooth and luscious nude textures for your genital’s enjoyment.

The nudity patch (available in EU/NA, RUS, KR and JP version iterations) can be found in the thread mentioned above along with detailed installation/uninstallation instructions. The mod’s creator also offers troubleshooting in the same thread, so if you run into any issues running the mod, be sure to ask your appropriate questions there.

The digital European and North American versions of Black Desert Online can now be purchased here on the game’s official website.

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