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Super Sonico Figurine for "SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation" Up for Preorder!

Figurine maker Alphamax has just opened pre-orders for the newest official figurine of Super Sonico, the beloved mascot of VN developer Nitroplus’ music festivals as well as protagonist of games SoniPro and Motto! SoniComi.

The figurine, made in celebration of busty Super Sonico’s 2014 anime debut, SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation was sculpted by artist Yasuhiro Uchijima. Sculpted at 1/7 scale, it’s 17.5 cm (6.88″) tall, and features Super Sonico, in a flimsy bikini and thigh highs, eating sweets off a tower stacked with macarons.

Here’s some pictures for your viewing pleasure, so you can see the work that went into detailing Super Sonico’s voluptuous body:

The figurine is pre-assembled, so it should go down well if like me you like your anime girls with no mess, no fuss, and no glue, and PVC painted for those of you that care about that. As always with these sort of things, the figurine is a limited collectible, so it’s now or never folks, remember that! In that spirit, Alphamax has limited pre-orders to only three figurines per customer, though why you’d want three Sonicos instead of say, Sonico and Pochaco, is beyond me.

The figurine is currently available for shipping worldwide at CDJapan, with a release date of August 2016 and a price of  ¥11520, or $101 US. Expensive, but we suffer for our anime girls. Alphamax also does figurines for many other properties, so be sure to check those out while you’re there!

The original SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation is also available at CDJapan here , in the form of Blu-Ray originals (six volumes). And of course if you wish to experience the anime with English subtitles, you can always stream it at Crunchyroll.

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