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Digimon Figurine Angewomon Cancelled

The G.E.M Angewomon & Hikari figurine has been cancelled. The manufacturer, Megahouse, has halted production due to an order handed down by the rights holders.

If you’ve been on the internet, you probably know about fallacies. There’s one in mind that’s particularly aggravating – the appeal to pity. This comes in different forms, but the one you’ll see most often is “think of the children.” From e-cigarettes to plain old sugar, the children have been used as political leverage for years. It’s not just politics either, as a recent statement regarding G.E.M’s Angewomon figurine has come to light.

Announced last week on Crunchyroll’s user forums, Nick from the Crunchyroll store made the post that they would be cancelling the figure with immediate effect. “Due to a recent development, we’re unable to fulfill orders for the G.E.M Angewomon & Hikari figure,” he said after first affirming that this post would indeed be bad news. According to Nick, the manufacturer has halted production of the figure entirely, and will no longer be providing it to any retailers.

The reason for this cancellation, and the reason we bring up fallacies, is marketing. The original rights owners for Digimon stated that they “wanted to market Digimon as a child-friendly property,” and that the “Angewomon figure wasn’t appropriate for that image.” For those who don’t follow Digimon, Angewomon is a rather busty and scantily clad angelic Digimon, with immense powers within the Digimon universe. She’s also too sexy.

Of course, many people grew up with Digimon, and were likely hopeful of obtaining such a figure. The audience for Digimon has grown with it, having aired since 1997, and by now it likely encompasses all ages. It’s quite strange, as the anime version of Angewomon has still retained her looks, and was never edited throughout the series’ run. It’s clear that the rights holders are “thinking of the children”, though it’s unlikely that any young child would be interested in purchasing such items to begin with.

Unfortunately, it looks as though this figure will never see the light of day. Nick from Crunchyroll assured buyers that there would be a refund issued for the figure, and would be reflected on accounts within 3-5 business days. Buyers can still receive Angemon, the muscular male version, which was available as a bundle along with Angewomon. The Angewomon figure also came with her tamer, Hikari, which now too has been cancelled due to her being part of the same set.

It’s never nice to see a turn such as this, particularly when the audience for these shows is rather expansive. Many adults watch cartoons and anime intended for a younger audience, which in itself does not detract from the ability of others to enjoy it. We can’t be sure exactly why the change came, though there’s every possibility that this is another casualty of an ever more sex-negative culture. We were doing so well, too.

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